Left 4 Dead Update Released

Valve has released a new update for Left 4 Dead, now available for download.

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DiffusionE3357d ago

Yeah, yeah. They're trying to please the fans since they're gonna release it's sequel soon. We get it. But that doesn't mean we have to fall for it.

Cwalat3357d ago

If they released L4D2 as DLC instead of full game retail price, i think it would be more welcomed by fans. Is there anyone in here who knows why they didn't choose that route, apart from the obvious reason that is "slurping in the fans money"?

caladbolg7773357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

With Left4Dead, Valve made a blatant move toward a more "console-esque" business model. The backlash toward L4D2 is primarily from PC players where they've come to expect Valve to update a product long after its initial release. Where console gamers are concerned, this concept of post-release support is no where near as common as it is in PC gaming, and so console gamers just don't expect it.

The short of why Valve chose to not release L4D2 as free DLC is pretty simple: they didn't feel that they had to. And guess what? They don't. Valve may lose 30%-50% of their L4D1 PC playerbase in the migration to L4D2, but 360 players will lap it up. They just don't know any better.

Pandamobile3357d ago

L4D2 would have been impossible as DLC. The game itself is bigger than the first. Would you want to download 2 gigabytes of sound files, 1.5 GB of new textures, 1 GB of new maps, etc.

Not to mention all the improvements to the engine Valve did. Changing source code would pretty much be impossible for DLC.

solar3357d ago

from what i could gather from interviews from Valve, is that all the elements in L4D2 are a cohesive unit. from how the AI Director 2.0 acts, to the new Boss infected and Uncommon Common infected, to the new events being more geared towards not camping in one spot. the different ammo and melee weapons.

Valve didnt think these additions would meld well with what was already in place with L4D1. which, is their discretion. would i liked it to be free DLC? yes, of course. but i got my money's worth with L4D1. so ill pony up money for more fun with this franchise.

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mrv3213357d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Counter Strike a Half Life mod, and L4D was based off a Counter Strike mod... I find that very funny.

I bought L4D on 360... it's not ment for consoles... no valve multip;layer game is. PC's allow so much more.

Pandamobile3357d ago

Counter Strike, the original was a HL mod. CSS was a full game.

And L4D was based on a very crude idea of a zombie game. It was basically a couple CT's vs a ton of terrorists with knives.

il-mouzer3356d ago

Valve should just call L4D2 a stand alone expansion and shut the idiots with it. Tonnes of games do that and people would have just accepted it, I understand the fact that the engine was heavily modified, but I can't see why they wouldn't release the possibility for melee in L4D.