Gametrailers responds to Gamesthirst, Gamesthirst is not moved by responce

Ernice Gilbert of Gamesthirst writes: Recently I wrote an article sharing my disgust with our online family concerning Gametrailers 9.3 score they gave to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. In the article, I pointed out that there was heavy bias in the review and some worthless comparisons to Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The reviewer said Uncharted 2 took ideas from CODMW and ripped off horde mode directly from Gears of War. He also said Uncharted 2 has no thrills but the game makes you feel like it does. There's a lot more in the review that I was not pleased with hence the inclination to write an article about it. Unsurprisingly, that piece circulated the web in coumtless forums, here are just some of them:


2) pointofexistence

3) colonyofgames


5) Trigeia

All of the above including Gametrailers were talking about the article, the pressure then became unbearable and recently, Editor-in-Chief of GameTrailers Shane Satterfied responded. Well we have news for Mr. Satterfield and Gametrailers, their responce to our article is straight up nonsense, and their Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review still reeks of bias.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3354d ago

Gametrailers should change their name to Gamefailers.

tocrazed4you3354d ago

Speak the truth. Gametrailers is so trying to cover their own asses.

Sunny_D3354d ago

You know that GameTrailers are biased. This article explains it all.

Even though this was a personal blog, this is probably what represents the majority of the GT staff. 360 fanboys. Outdated because of controller preference? GTFO!

topdawg1223354d ago

This game is damn near perfect, all the negative things I've seen about this game is just horrible nitpicking. No snow footprints? Lack of originality? That whole train sequence you showed while you were talking proves you wrong. Physics like that have never been used before Shane! Sorry dude, you're just wrong, the fact that you have to defend it shows you're not thinking truly with what you say. I wish reviewers would just admit they're wrong sometimes, but hey this dude would have gotten fired years ago if he admitted his mistakes everytime

morganfell3354d ago

Gametrailers are concerned, even worried.

You do not do damage control unless there was damage.

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Bumpmapping3354d ago

GT=Funded by M$ nuff said

topdawg1223354d ago

It irritates me to even read reviews at all anymore. Can't trust sh*t nowadays

Bumpmapping3354d ago

M$ had a big influence in it that's for sure....They where out to stop Sony right from the beginning and they will use any tactic they see fit because whenever some one interrupt their "PC Market" they feel threatened they will take any measures necessary to stop them hence GT and the gaming media bashing Sony all gen $ goes along way.

HDgamer3354d ago

Don't trust reviews and don't trust websites that purposely fake game comparisons multiple times and have been caught.

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