Wii homebrew channel has already returned

Nintendo's attempts to put at end to the Wii homebrew channel with the latest system update have failed.

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hitthegspot3357d ago

Alt news should help you out if you need the homebrew back...

KeenanTheSavage3356d ago

No surprise there. Hackers will always find a way...

Shnazzyone3356d ago

Nintendo should provide it's own homebrew solution. It's the best way to combat it. Allow people to make games and such for the system. Little fun programs or even enable the dvd playback. But with them running the helm they could make sure it is used to expand on the possibilities of the wii while making sure users can't pirate games with it.

asdr3wsfas3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I agree but they will never do the dvd playback for free. They'd have to buy a license for the encoding and this is the reason it was left out. Of course making it downloadable like itunes music would pretty much destroy most thieving - having installed ati card drivers on slackware linux in the middle of a 2.4 to 2.6 kernel update, I can tell you I'm much happier with point and click than recompile...kernel panic...recompile...kernel panic solutions ;) Turns out from 2.4 to 2.6 they changed sata support to requiring scsi emulation and so my hds didn't load and I had to redo it all...after I got it working i decided it wasn't worth the effort and loaded suse ;)

I may have a degree in cs, but I'm still lazy and can afford a 20 dollar dvd player. But homebrew games are fun and this is why I want to eventually install it...

I hope the ps3 slim linux support gets hacked if possible (not keeping up on it). That is something I'd like to play with for ray tracing...

ReBurn3356d ago

Yep, if Nintendo were to support the amateur development community instead of trying to find ways to stop people they would save a lot of time, money and irritation.