GamePro: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Forza Motorsport 3 isn't exactly a leap for the series. The incredible realism of Forza's physics, car mechanics and driving simulation, especially when it comes to the slippery, hard-to-control upper-class cars, is going to bore arcade racers or casual drivers. But car junkies and passionate racing gurus are going to find a nice cave to hole up in for the next few years and it'll make you less jealous when PS3 owners start crowing about Gran Turismo 5.

* Smooth racing, great multiplayer and deep editing features--as usual
* Deep career mode doesn't seem to end
* Insanely pretty

* Realism is intimidating and annoying for casual drivers
* Inelegant rewind feature

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PS3 slim3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

This review almost seems like sarcasm. Check out the fanboy comments about GT5, Forza 2 and the >cons< of the game. Sounds like a bitter review. Their criticisms and fanboy comments are the complete opposite when compared to most of the other reviews.

A SIM gets docked for having too much realism. Check out the comment section on

deadreckoning6663356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I don't thk the PS3 fanboys ill complain about this one.

@sunnyd- Oh c'mon, there coming either way lol. But seriously though, the game is getting really good scores. G4 gave it a 5/5.

Major_Tom3356d ago

Too much realism like riding invisible walls, pulling a back to the future.

Sunny_D3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Wow, I thought Forza 3 was going to get a 5/5 easily from Gamepro, they seem to rate games highly practically all the time. Oh well, an 80% is still good.

@deadreckoning: Oh the irony! You do know that by saying a statement like that, is going to cause some arguments. And it will be your own damn fault.

ReservoirDog3163356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Well, Forza 3 was made to be approachable to casual players unlike sim racers before it. So a negative could be that it's not easily approachable to casual racers. Might not be quite enough to dock a full point though.

edit: @ ZombieAutopsy

I know we shouldn't take reviews as absolute truths since it is just one person's opinion but reviews let us know the + and - to each game. And we can't have an clear opinion on something we've never played, right? So, reviews help.

Find a few reviewers that you seem to trust and use them to make a good decision on what you should spend $60 on. But, I'm pretty sure you'll be pretty happy with Forza 3 cause just about everyone seems to agree it's quite good.

ZombieAutopsy3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

4/5 is bad??? I dont know why people care about reviews though, they only opinion anyone should care about is their own besides all reviews are used for is ammunition for fanboys (but its pretty much like firing blanks).

"Realism is intimidating and annoying for casual drivers "- that statement is stupid, if someone was going to buy forza im pretty sure their expecting it to try and capture the realism of driving.


i cant really take your opinion for much since it seems you have something against F3 and Ms anyways. To tell the truth i wasnt too impressed with Forza3 but that doesnt mean alot of people feel the same way and if you dont even like forza why are you in these least keep your opinions in the open zone since their most likely bias.


I do see your point but what im pretty much trying to say is people shouldnt take them at face value, because you never know your taste on games could be greatly different than the reviewers. I guess i should of said the only opinion that matters IN THE END is yours.

Bereaver3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Actually the problem with Forza and Turn 10 was that this was supposed to be a REAL racing sim. Not some grandma game that everyone could pickup and play. I mean..... Doesn't wii music look like fun? lololol Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

If you want simulation, you NEED to make it simulation.
If you want arcade and simulation, then you need to make it arcade and simulation.
If you say you're game is the definitive racing simulation then you need to make it the definitive racing simulation.

They said it was going to be definitive simulation, but look how it turned out. A game everyone can have fun and be good at.


Buying forza for realism? Is that like saying Buying Sims3 for real life? or..... Harvest moon for a real farm?

Seems like it to me.

Turn 10 said it best them selves...... "It could be better"

commodore643356d ago

So they docked a point because the game can be setup to be a realistic sim?

Does that mean they'll dock 2 points off gt4 for being unadjustably sim realistic?

ReservoirDog3163356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

You're missing the point. They made it to be approachable to casuals. That's what they always said. It's hard enough for the hardcore but fun enough for the casual. So if you, a casual (hypothetical, of course), buy it and it's too realistic for you, that would be a huge negative, right?

edit: Ok, everyone please read this.

GT5 shouldn't get docked for brutal realism but Forza 3 should because Forza 3 was made to be approachable. GT5 wasn't; it was made to be as realistic as possible.

They promised it would be fun for the casuals but still good for diehard racing fans. If this review is right, they didn't quite reach that mark they were aiming for.

@ ZombieAutopsy

Yeah I get your point. But that's why I said you should just stick to reviewers that you trust.

lowcarb3356d ago

So sad we really can't trust reviews anymore.

commodore643356d ago

@ reservoir.

You, sir, have missed the point.

Forza 3 realism is adjustable.
You can turn realism on or off, depending on your preference.

Hence, if you want a casual arcade racer, you get that. Or, conversely, if you want a hardcore simulator you get that too.

However, the review didn't acknowledge that both preferences are user adjustable.

My point re GT5 was that in that game, this is not an adjustable feature. You are stuck with a simulation, no matter what.

Please go back and re-read these subtle details.

ReservoirDog3163356d ago

Hmm, well I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Forza or GT or any racer really. So I didn't know that.

I guess you're right then. I admit I was wrong.

dreamcast3356d ago

LOL at all the usual suspects b!tching about the people who thought Uncharted 2 got points knocked off for BS reasons... man, the tides turn so quickly.

jib3356d ago

the game has now been developed to have huge range of difficulty for casuals/hardcore gamers alike. i don't understand why its a con to have the OPTION to make it hardcore. the game is first and foremost a SIMULATOR

i don't mind the 4 out of 5 score. if he doesn't enjoy it, then thats his opinion. having a con for being a simulator as a simulation racer just didn't make sense to me

Ravage273356d ago

there's nothing really wrong with the score, but the 'Realism is intimidating and annoying for casual drivers' seems kind of stupid imho. i pretty sure forza is suppose to be a sim, so i'm not sure what the reviewer is trying to prove here.

I'll be pretty pissed if they do that to GT5, hope they will give the job to an actual driving sim fan.

StanLee3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

What an effing bullsh*t con. With all the driving assists, Forza 3 is the most accessible game for the casual driver. As a matter of fact the driving assists and accessibility have led to complaints that it makes the game too easy because you're prone to rely heavily on them. Seriously this is a fail review.

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chrisulloa3356d ago

* Realism is intimidating and annoying for casual drivers
* Inelegant rewind feature

Wow you're kidding right? I'm not one of those guys that flames sites for giving bad reviews like the PS3tards did when uncharted 2 got a 9.3/10 buts I really don't understand why they gave it such a low score.

scott1823356d ago

How is realism a bad thing for a sim? I would like to hear a better reason then what they gave.

kaveti66163356d ago

If they docked points from Forza 3 from realism, then GT5 is going to be rated very poorly by this site.

I think this is fair, though. Dan Greenwalt will understand now that he has to work harder in this industry and maybe keep his mouth closed. He cannot say those things. He said that each car would have 4 times the texture resolution and 10 times the number of polygons, but he wasn't talking about in-game, he was talking about photomode. He neglected to mention it. And although Forza 3 looks beautiful in my opinion, he was being deliberately deceitful.

ctfkev3356d ago

seems about right

recycled tracks, everything down to the clouds, ads, skid marks, all recycled from forza 2.

Grand Turdismo 20153356d ago

That's because they are the same real-life tracks, moron.

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