PixelJunk 1-5 Development Starting Early 2010

Gaming Union: "PixelJunk has grown massively in the last 2 years, and people are always looking to see what Q-Games can do with the franchise next.

Early this year, it was announced to Qore that Q-Games were currently working on PixelJunk 1-5, but according to Duncan Flett, Q-Games' PR Manager, this isn't entirely true and development won't actually start properly until the first part of 2010."

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Godmars2903356d ago

How about getting Shooter out already?

mephman3356d ago

Well, I presume that will be out before the end of the year.

chisox1003356d ago

PixelJunk Monster is so addicting. Too bad I can't say the same for Racers.

Szarky3356d ago

They've more than made up for it with Eden and Monsters though.

Szarky3356d ago

No doubt. Feels like it's taking forever. I probably should have picked up the DLC for Eden but I kind of grew sick of it after finishing the game.

cjflora3340d ago

I didn't much care for the racer game. PixelJunk Monsters was a fun game, and my wife and I put many hours into it, bu at the end of the day it was their take on a tower defense game. Then Eden came out. I was so pumped by that game. It was original and very unique. I thought PixelJunk was finally breaking out and this would be the start of some truly amazing games. Then I heard the next game was going to be called PixelJunk Shooter. Wow, how generic. The gameplay looks like it will be fun, but it's not what I thought would come from the minds who did Eden. I will buy PixelJunk Shooter, and likely enjoy it quite a bit, but come on PixelJunk. Eden gave a a peek into the genius that is hiding, let it out!! =D