Bungie Weekly Update: 10/09/09

Bungie writes:

"Some new numbers made it out onto the interweb this week that chart the sales progress of our latest little title, Halo 3: ODST. Word is that it's already reached a tremendously stupendous tally of 2.5 million copies sold. When Miller said it was dropping into all stores, everywhere, turns out he wasn't kidding around.

According to our online stats page, you and about 2,533,978 of your closest friends have already cooperatively chewed though a thoroughly frightening forty seven million online games. You've collectively banded together to purge the galaxy of over one billion Brutes and over 1.5 billion Grunts. You, dear friends, are a freakishly-focused and digitally genocidal conglomeration of alien exterminatin' maniacs. The Covenant ain't got nothin' on you. We're just glad that you're on our side.

We're also glad you're playing. Great news like this reminds the hardworking men and ladies on the Bungie team why they do what they do. Thanks for picking up our game."

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CivilArgument063352d ago

I've already killed more than a thousand brutes, grunts, and jackals. I am always fascinated by world wide numbers though, that's a whole lot of Grunts.

dgroundwater3352d ago

Loads of info on online networking. Moonshot games will be exclusively developing downloadable games. And some incredible Forza custom cars!

Bereaver3351d ago

Honestly, I thought it would have been more.

My friend has been playing it day and night.

And if you calculate correctly, these numbers show that everyone plays 20 online games each..... but my friend has played over.... 200? or more? lol I don't know. 400? lol

Anyway, he doesn't put it down, let's just say that.

Ummm....... That means the majority of the Halo fans... have only play 3 to 5 games. With the 200,000 playing a hell of a lot.

Sarcasm3351d ago

Way to go Bungie, now get back to work on Halo Reach.

mrblacknut3351d ago

Lol they never stopped working on it. Remember this was just a small team that worked on ODST. I can't wait to see what they have at E3 for Reach.