Top 10 Multiplayer FPS Games of All Time

While some indulge themselves in MMORPGs, at the other side of the spectrum of multiplayer games, first person shooters have had players battling in fast paced action for a far longer time - no quest reading or storytelling here, it's guns blazing and the laws of headshots. Here's Digital Battle's top 10 pick of the greatest multiplayer first person shooters of all time.

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thebudgetgamer3324d ago

there will be anger and alot of fanboys in this thread.

on topic: thats a good list. i would have liked to seen killzone or r2 but a good solid list none the less.


Major_Tom3324d ago

but, Halo is teh bestest and onliest FPS in existenz, what are these other games?

shutupandplay3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Neither KZ2 nor R2 deserve a spot in the "Top 10 multiplayer games of all time." Not even close.

LJWooly3324d ago

Resistance 2!? I'm guessing you've only played around 10 online FPS games.

princejb1343324d ago

fail list
wheres call of duty 4

thebudgetgamer3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

let me guess
there will be anger and alot of fanboys in this thread.

hahahaha. yea ljwooly you got me good one.

deadreckoning6663324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Its amazing how one persons opinion can get fanboys in a rage. I should start writing some articles :) BTW: COD4 and KZ2 are absent from that list

StanLee3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Glad to see Tribes get some recognition. It's well deserved. Would have included Call of Duty 2 on PC but I don't know which game I would have taken off the list. My personal favorite is still Quake 3: Arena.

Deputydon3324d ago

As I was scrolling down this list I stopped at number 2. I said, wow. They seriously left out Counter Strike? Thinking they were going to put CoD4 in first place. So I take a deep breath and scroll down one final click of the mouse wheel only to be completely shocked.

Even after all the Halo talk, all the CoD4 talk. CS still reigns supreme on a top 10 FPS multiplayer list. And it so deserves it.

solar3324d ago

great list. ive done my fare share of rotting on some of those titles :)

pppppeach3324d ago

WTF is that for a list...

2=Soldier of Fortune 2
3=Call of duty 4

Shepherd 2143324d ago

Halo 2 multiplayer created the fantastic lobby system that many FPS's use today, which was improved with Halo 3. Halo 2 also had the custom games features which Halo 3 put on steroids. Halo 3's file share system, screenshots, theater mode for MP clips, with its MASSIVE database for stats and unique features like heatmaps, not to mention, two years after Halo 3's launch, Bungie still supports Halo 3 with new multiplayer playlists, map packs, and weekly updates to keep the fans in the loop.

Halo 3 may not be the best of all time but no other console game comes remotely close to the amount of robust multiplayer features that Halo 3 employs. Check it for yourselves, its amazing. Halo 3 at least deserved a spot on the list

stevenhiggster3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

When I read the title I thought to myself, 'If Counter Strike isn't number 1 I'm gonna bust some ass' needless to say there was no requirement for ass bustin :-)
Can't really fault the list, I reckon COD4 for number 11 though.

bjornbear3323d ago

KZ2 and MW missing =/

That asside i do agree! Tribes FTW! Goldeneye FTW! Unear Tournament 2004 FTW! Counterstrike FTW!!!!!

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NotoriousWarrior3324d ago

No CoD4, Killzone 2 or Resistance?

This is a fail list.

MattOG7113324d ago

I only think COD4 from your list should be on there. While Killzone 2 and Resistance 1 were awesome online games, but I think the other ones on the list were just as deserving.

Honestly, I think Killzone 2 (while a fun game) shouldn't be on here just because of the rocket launcher issues early on, and the built in lag.

shutupandplay3324d ago

Welcome to gaming before this gen.

StanLee3324d ago

O_o Are you serious?! How old are you?!!!

Deputydon3324d ago

This list is far from fail. CoD4 was absolutely nothing new, innovative, or even 'extremely polished' compared to a ton of PC games that were out years and years before CoD4. It's the same thing that happened with Halo. Halo was a great FPS for consoles, and it did revolutionize console based FPS, but it did next to nothing for PC games. CoD4 is pretty much the exact same way only it was on more than just the Xbox/PC.

hay3324d ago

It's good list without running with the herd like a sheep.

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Fishy Fingers3324d ago

Counter Strike, still my favourite competitive FPS :)

Deputydon3324d ago

Glad to see I'm not alone.

blu_yu_away3324d ago

Good list. Some of the most fun I ever had in a game was with Battlefield 2. Bad Company really disappointed me in comparison. Only change I would have made was the inclusion of Call of Duty 4.

mrv3213324d ago

Bad Company 2 looks good, BC only flaw was that it had no PC version.

All these games where basically on the PC and that's really important because the PC offers

1- Regular Updates
2- Better service
3- Modders
4- A better community

Those 4 things no console could ever hope to equal. Live long PC gaming.

Cenobia3324d ago

I think those things could all be done on the PS3. Modding might be difficult without a PC version as well, but I don't think it'd be impossible.

I really want a game to come out with a built in map editor that is actually implemented well. Far Cry 2 had it, but they screwed the multiplayer (and single player) up too bad.

We need some LBP FPS' to kill off this retarded DLC trend. Imagine if Modern Warfare/Killzone/Halo/whatever had custom map making with voting and 'developer approved' maps? It would be epic.

Siiigh, its fun to dream.


Myst3324d ago

Ah the fond memories, of you and Perfect Dark are what made me enjoy FPS for the first time, now it seems I do not enjoy them as much as before. I should go pick up my N64, stop playing Demon's Souls for a while and just play Perfect Dark again..Since I don't have Goldeneye anymore, unless my sister has it..