Sony : No 80GB PS3 for Europe

News of the 80GB version emerged via a statement on the Sony Korea website, which said the 80GB version will launch there on June 16 priced at KWR 518,000 (EUR 412).

A spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed that the information is correct, stating that the 80GB model will be the only one available in South Korea as there are no plans to launch the 20GB or 60GB versions there.

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gta_cb4230d ago

are we really suprised?... i know im not.

Saint Sony4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

This is barely news.. Sony and Europe does not seem to work together for some odd reason.

gta_cb4227d ago

yeh, yet most devs etc are saying its really important for Sony to do well in Europe... show us some love Sony!

Watkins4230d ago

I don't care much, what's the difference? 60 or 80
Might as well buy a new 200gv harddrive if I need more space

Sevir044230d ago

but thats not to say they wont later on down... especially in other territories.... my guess is that between now and winter US and europe and AU will get this version and they'll probably drop the price because this is right around the price of the 60gig version in the US... sony is doing what it should... this is an experiment. they are prolly seeing how well this will sell before they go mass with this version... iff this comes out at 600 US then the 60gig will come out somewhere at 450 to 500 USD making it look even more reachable for a MASS MARKET!!!... all this is only pointing to price cuts and trust me Sony is gonna time it with one of it's biggest games later this year, or even with the advent release of HOME this fall.

ITR4230d ago

If Sony goes for one SKU then the 60 gets dropped and it's replaced by the 80GB ver.

m000b14230d ago

Ye good. I can buy a 250gb hdd for about £60

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