Unnamed Bioware title in development

"New Next Gen Game" is in development at Bioware alongside Dragon Age and Star Wars: ToR

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gmrfm3027d ago

Mass Effect 2 by any chance?

GameOn3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I guess it could be if they haven't updated in a long time. ME2 should be on that list.

Pebz3027d ago

Well, actually the ME(1) link goes straight to the ME2 site, so who knows what's going on with their site?

Any new Bioware game would be welcome to be honest, be it NWN3, JE2, KOTOR3 or a completely new IP.

I just hope Bioware's psycho trend (Subject Zero, Marilyn Manson music in Dragon Age trailers) is just a failed marketing gimmick, not the "new and improved" Bioware (which coincidently started after the EA acquisition).

Bnet3433026d ago

I want KOTOR 3 by BioWare, but they won't do it since they got Mass Effect now. :(

duplissi3026d ago

other than the obvious mass effect 2 i really would like a new kotor (yes i know tor is coming out, but i dont really like mmos and i loved both kotors)

Whitefox7893026d ago

I wouldn't doubt that too much because it seems Obsidian who did kotor 2 wants to do kotor 3.

DeadlyFire3026d ago

Its not ME 2. Its something else. Its been on their site for awhile even with Mass Effect 2 coming. Put mouse on Games tab at top has Dragon Age, ME 2, SW:TOR, and New Next Gen Game listed.

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mistajeff3027d ago

Please dear jesus let it be Jade Empire 2. Obviously a true KOTOR 3 would be ideal but that seems out of the cards for a long time.

Jsynn73027d ago

One of the guys at BW said when the first JE came out that it was a template and that they would make a 2nd one for the 360 that would be bigger and better. I'm hoping they're working on that now.

mistajeff3026d ago

Yeah I remember hearing that someone saw the source code for it like a year or so ago. Obviously it's no kind of confirmation but my fingers are crossed.

PandemicPrawn03027d ago

I would love to return to the Jade Empire.

But what the hell do we have to do to get KOTOR3?

MetalGearRising3027d ago

As long as it's another xbox360 exclusive i don't mind.

Bumpmapping3027d ago

Nope sorry little buddy owned by EA they don't do exclusive now be a good little Bot and go beta test Mass Effect 2 for us :)

ajay_solidsnake3027d ago

FOR PS4 or XBOX 720 or NATAL...

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