NBA 2K10 Commercial Tells Us To "Respect The Technique"

GCO: "With its recent release, it's time for 2K Games to start promoting NBA 2K10."

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flyinrhyno3326d ago

The 2K series basketball has always mystified me, how can the player/ball interaction be so bad and everybody rave about this is the best series. Watch the video, Kobe isn't that built. His face is about 70% accurate. and the dribble to hand animation is terrible. Oh and what the $%#@ is a shot stick? Live maybe a lil "acrcadey" at times but it is fluid. Instead of 11 different entities live looks like a fluid intertwining presentation. 2K does somethings right, but ask yourself why does the demo always come out after the release? Videos don't represent gameplay. Oh and btw the dribble handle in 2K has always sucked.

flyinrhyno3326d ago

Is it me or does everyone jump when they pass the ball like Ray Allen in real life? also they jump to catch the ball. Who did they get to mocap the dribble? George Mikan? Believe me Live has deficiencies too, but I would think fluidity would be the main priority, Live 95 had better player ball interaction than 2K10. Sorry to rant but how come when 2K comes out with a fake DNA system were supposed to act like they just discovered fire? I'm sorry for all those hangin their hat on the dynasty mode, I buy a basketball video game to play against my friends in real life as well as online, so I could care less who got the better dynasty.

BigKev453326d ago

@ flyinrhyno - "Live 95 had better player ball interaction than 2K10".
Please, stop the hatin'.

flyinrhyno3326d ago

@ BIGKEV, go back and play live 95. You'll see what I mean. Its not hate. Player passes the ball player catches it smooth. Not talkin about graphics, talking about player/ball interaction. 2K has always been stiff, even their hockey games are rigid. I go into every year open minded, I will not be fooled into thinking the king has clothes on. Honestly which game moves and feels like a real basketball game?