Borderlands Goes Gold

Gearbox Software announced today that Borderlands has gone gold. They've finished work on the PC build and it's been sent off to the manufacturer along with the PS3 and 360 versions.

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Lemon Jelly3356d ago

Please PLEASE! tell me this means that the PC version will release at the same time as the consoles!

EvilCackle3356d ago

Nope. Still lagging behind a few days. But at least we know that it's done and won't get pushed back again.

Myst3356d ago

Yay! Now to play the waiting game...:/

P.S. People better get this with their Uncharted 2s and their Demon's Souls :p

OtherWhiteMeat3356d ago

Just need a couple of good reviews and I'm on board.

EvilCackle3355d ago

Yeah, I am kind of uncertain about the game because it has such a huge scope. I'm sure the first reviews will arrive well before it hits stores, though.

Myst3355d ago

What if I baked some cookies and muffins to hand out to those who get the game, would you still get it? :p

Though I will say I respect your the decisions you two have made. I suppose it's a game that looks appealing and has promise, but sometimes that can all be washed away in a moment if it's not up to what people may have been expecting.

OtherWhiteMeat3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I'm definitely getting it .....just not on the first day. Spent most of money on pre ordering Uncharted 2 , Demon's Souls and God of War .

Myst3355d ago

Oh, OOh! Well jeez I can see why now, pretty much packed with games either out (Demon's Souls) or will be coming out soon. At least you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of each and every one of them which is good.

EvilCackle3355d ago

Yeah, it's also due to the fact that there's just so much stuff coming out. Might be what I play during mid-to-late December.

sirbigam3355d ago

Yu lucky bastard yu, enjoy.

Myst3355d ago

Fair enough and as long as it's gotten :D

Nikuma3355d ago

Just pre-ordered this off Steam... I hope it's a good game and doesn't tank. To many games coming out... and to many games backlogged. I guess having to many games to play isn't really a bad problem tho. :P

Shani3355d ago

I am definitely getting this.. already preordered along with Uncharted 2. Could not get Demon's Soul :(

It is awesome game for sure. Can't wait to play online and offline co-op.

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Lemon Jelly3356d ago

Yeah I guess I can wait a couple of days, still very excited to play this....but MW2 PC delay = BS!

Major_Tom3356d ago

I really don't mind, I'm going to be pirating it anyway.

bunbun7773355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

you can pirate almost if not any game for the 360-- but you cannot play it online without getting into trouble with your LIVE account?

Is that true-- or did you plan on playing the 1 man show in pandora?

(or u mean PC-- Pirate...I mean Private...I mean Major Tom.)

Major_Tom3355d ago

If you play online with a modded Xbox eventually you're time will come, but I've already been playing COD4 for months on cracked servers on PC.

bunbun7773355d ago

I know there are lots that disagree-- for lots of decent reasons-- but when it comes to sharing games....well i think its a personal choice...

jack_burt0n3355d ago

Its not piracy when activision is involved, its justice.

evrfighter3355d ago

I was gonna pirate it. But some steam friends of mine are gonna be buying it. I figure with the money I'll save buying a used $25 copy of Uncharted 2. I could use that money on this.

Nikuma3355d ago

I would pirate MW2 because Activision can suck it, but my internet provider like tracks that sh!t and will shut down my internet if I pirate. :(

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NecrumSlavery3355d ago

So is this the Fallout killer? And is there MP in this game?

maawdawg3355d ago

I don't know if I would classify it as a Fallout Killer, it is a completely different feel to the game. Fallout is RPG with shooting elements, Borderlands is FPS with RPG elements.

There is co-op, 4 player online, system link, and vertical split screen couch co-op.

RockmanII73355d ago

This game looks awesome, hope it doesn't disappoint

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