Why We Love Indie Games – Runman: Race Around the World [Review]

"There are a couple games out there I can point to as very specific examples of why I love indie games. Braid, as one such example, combining an excellent world, story, art and puzzles into a fine mesh of beautiful gameplay. There's simply nothing else like it. Newly added to that same list is Runman: Race Around the World and it's for all the exact opposite reasons.

Runman: Race Around the world is a fairly simple platformer which borrows heavily from the platformers of the SNES generation. You'll have your character, Runman, and the idea is to get from one stage to the next without dying. Upon completion of each level you'll be allowed to continue on to the next level via the world map ala' Super Mario World-style. You continue on to many lands and play in many different levels; yada, yada, yada. It's all standard platformer procedure, really, but Runman does it with grace, nuance, and a badass sense of style."

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