Nintendo Life: Final Fight 2 Review

Nintendo Life writes: "The Mad Gear gang are back and out for revenge. This time they've kidnapped Guy's fiancée Rena and her farther, so it falls to Haggar and friends to rescue them from the gang's evil clutches. The original Final Fight was a classic side-scrolling brawler which received two paltry SNES ports, the first of which is already available on the Virtual Console service."

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darthv723350d ago

this game was even out back in the snes days. After the crud port the original got I turned my attention to the sega cd version (near arcade perfect except for color pallet). Not to mention they tried to make final fight guy version.

I want to see psn/xbla/virtual arcade releases of the original final fight with online multiplayer.

While we are at it:
UN squadron/carrier airwing
Knights of the round
magical sword