Sony ships 8.4 million PSPs in financial year 2006

Annual hardware shipments are down, but PSP's software tie-ratio is up to four per console

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gta_cb4223d ago

good news, hopefully we will see some great titles being released as the install base increases.

not saying the PSP has non as i enjoy playing my PSP, but you cant say its had the best of luck in the handheld industry, and great AAA titles wouldnt hurt.

ITR4222d ago

Attach rate of 4?!?

The most I've seen is 3 in retail. Most don't even buy 4 games for the DS Lite let alone the PSP.

Are they including UMD movies?

gta_cb4222d ago

dont know if there including UMD movies, when i got my PSP i got 2 games with it.

saying that i did get it release year (christmas) and it cost over £300!
i had the giga pack, Persuit force, GTA LCS. pretty darn impressive, but i thought it was worth it with all the fun i had using it.