Halo 3 Beta: Group Review

The Gameworld Network review team share their opinions on the most anticipated Xbox 360 game of all time!

Everyone knows I was no huge fan of Halo 2. It was a huge disappointment to me, and as such I went into the beta with low expectations. Because of lack luster screenshots I had no real hopes for a good visual presentation. It just appeared to be slightly res'd up versions of Halo 2 textures and assets. I expected the gameplay to resemble Unreal Tournament 2004 with a sluggish hangover just as Halo 2 was. And after all the network issues I was ready to laugh at all the Halo fanboys and say, "Ha! Told ya it would suck!"

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gta_cb4229d ago

good read. i also enjoy playing the Halo 3 beta, although i havnt played it in a couple days (due to having no time) but i am planning on getting back into it 2day =D

Ravenator5294229d ago

I am having a blast! 71 games online so far since the "Crackdown" beta release.

Even though I get my arse handed to me!

DirtyRat4229d ago

sorry to be a party pooper but i thought it was pretty dire, although I appreciate why others may enjoy it

whengeeksgobad4229d ago

I had a chance to sit down and play the beta for the first time this weekend. It could be that because I had a living room full of drunk friends with me and we were all taking turns that it was an absolute blast but I (for inexplicable reasons) found it to be so much more fun than most of my other Halo experiences. I was expecting basically xbox graphics so I was pleasantly surprised by the look of it. I also was very impressed with the weapon balancing. I agree with what the article said in regards to the previous versions weapons dictating the outcome of the game so to speak. The one thing I've noticed about Halo (all versions) has been that despite the graphics being somewhat plain, the gameplay is as such that you don't have much time to notice if you want to stay alive. This game is similar but with some nice touches. Bullet effects in the snow, and water are nice little touches to help it feel a little more immersive.

To answer your question... Frankly I'm not sure really! I guess if you were a halo fan before, you'll find they didn't "fix" anything that wasn't broken. I personally found that they just seemed to make it a bit more immersive with the nice little details, the weapons balancing, and the map design.