Gamedaily: Don't Touch That Dial: Best Video Game Commercials

Gamedaily writes: "Most video game commercials are full of computer-generated fluff that doesn't give consumers a great look at the action. Every now and then, however, we get a wonderful ad that not only sells the game, but also provides plenty of laughs and thrills. Check out some of our favorites from around the web."

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solar3350d ago

shouldnt that article be "Best Commercials This Generation"?

jjohan353350d ago

As much as I love games on across both major platforms (360 and PS3), I'd have to hand it to the guys at Halo and Infinity Ward for making the best commercials/marketing. They really do make you feel like a badass.

ChickeyCantor3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

...I dont agree, i dont like when they involve the console itself, like actually saying the name.( at the end if doesnt matter of course, but not during the scene)

They should have put that guy in some crazy situation and then let the transition seamlessly go into Uncharted 2, or hint out its about uncharted 2.

But the joke is funny though =D.