GamingHeaven: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

GamingHeaven writes: "The long awaited Forza Motorsport 3 is finally upon us and developer Turn 10 has opted for a new approach, making it as accessible as possible. The end product is a racing simulation game which will be enjoyed by a huge cross section of the general public. This is Microsoft's answer to the 50 million selling Gran Turismo."

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GameOn3354d ago

mmmm, the taste of success.

PS3 slim3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago ) I don't know why Metacritic is so slow to update the average with all the reviews. They have not even added G4's 5/5 score yet.

LordMarius3354d ago

flop, flop, flop, flopza

chrisulloa3354d ago

Yeah a 93 is so bad. This game is going to be worse than Afrika. (sarcasm)

DevastationEve3354d ago

The graphics are sharp enough to make your eyes bleed...this is one graphically intense game!

darkequitus3354d ago

For a non-driving game person (FPS through and through), looking back at my collection, I have bought quite a few. In semi reverse order:

Pure, MC:LA, Dirt PC, GT:P, PGR4: Motostorm, RR for 360 & PSP, PGR 3 & 2 & 1 etc.

In fact, I have recently dusted off PGR4. Though playing it reminded me why I end up stop playing racing game. Starting the same race for the 5th time because I mess up at the last minute? No thanks. I will use the reverse feature. IT mean I will get nowhere on the leader board. No like I would get anywhere anyway. I would be r*ped in online MP anyway. I least I will be motivated to keep playing.