Xseed Working On Their First PlayStation 3 Game

Right now, Xseed is looking for 1-2 part time QA testers and the job responsibilities include "play-through of new games titles (DS, Wii, PSP, and PS3)". Xseed hasn't announced any PlayStation 3 games, so this is something new.

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Relientk773357d ago


I wonder what it is

Myst3357d ago

*Starts to get angry and flips over a table, then falls onto the floor and starts crying*

They could have made Valhalla Knights for Playstation 3 since it was on PSP, oh well I have it now on Wii and it's okay. Though I'm quite curious as well as to what it could be

sikbeta3356d ago

More Games, great but I'm Expecting quality from all Devs, this is not PS2 era anymore

Da One3356d ago

Maybe the rumors were true............