The Renaissance of the Stealth Game

"The recent demo of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gives players a glimpse at a game that's staggeringly well presented, exquisitely crafted and undeniably compelling. It's also visually exquisite, with graphics so resplendent you can't help but wish you were outputting them on a big television in high definition. But it also makes one thing abundantly clear: old dog Hideo Kojima has no interest in learning any new tricks. It's a true entry in the Metal Gear series, without doubt. "

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SirLarr3353d ago

This is a very interesting article. It seems like stealth is supposed to make the player feel like a predator - empowered and superior. All too often though, stealth segments are just a frustrating hide-and-seek affair that make the player feel encumbered.

mr durand pierre3353d ago

I'd argue that the MGS series has been more forward-thinking than people give it credit for. The difference between MGS2 and 3:Subsistence (with the fully controlable camera) are staggering.

Though I do love the direction stealth is going in games like Batman where it's less about trial and error and more about reconnaissance and plotting an attack.

foxtheory3353d ago

When the term "forward-thinking" is associated with the MGS franchise, it's usually in reference to the original MGS or even the Metal Gear games before that. It was a totally different take on games at the time, it gave a cinematic experience with a bigger, more convoluted story. Plus, it "broke the fourth wall" with parts like the Psycho Mantis mind reading. MGS2 and 3 were not as revolutionary, but managed to still do an outstanding job for what was expected of the MGS franchise.

And I wouldn't call it trial and error. It just takes time and thought to get through. When comparing it to games like Batman AA, there is a significant difference. MGS plays more like a puzzle where you must track routes and sneek, whereas in Batman you stalk more from the shadows. But all in all, both are EXTREMELY great games IMO, and whatever your take is on the stealth genre is your own opinion. I'm not here to change it or anything like that.

sikbeta3352d ago

Stealth Game will die when Hideo Kojima get tired of MGS, IMO never