PS3 Framerate Issues Being Fixed In Assassin's Creed 2

Gaming Union: "When Assassin's Creed came out, people were quick to compare the PlayStation 3 version with the Xbox 360. One of the major differences came with the framerate, as the PlayStation 3 version frequently ducked below the 30fps mark.

This is clearly an issue which concerns some gamers, and could affect which console they buy the game for. It's also something that Ubisoft don't want to see repeated, as Gaming Union found out when we managed to catch up with Stefano Petrullo, a PR Manager for Ubisoft, to ask him if steps are being taken to prevent this."

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Kyll3350d ago

damn better be, I want duel head stabs to be FLUID, like the stuff coming out the front of guys faces!

Blaster_Master3350d ago

I could care less. The first Assassins Creed sucked anyways, they lost out on my money before they even made this game.

Kyll3350d ago

no second chances eh? it doesn't look that innovative over the first one anyway. more of the same

mephman3350d ago

I don't know, it sounds like they're doing quite a lot to try and enhance the experience. Much more in-depth combat system, economy system and many more sub-quests.

xenogamer3350d ago

ofcourse i thought the missions were repetitive, but everything else was good, if they fix that in AC2 im most definitely going to buy.

StanLee3350d ago

I'm willing to giving the sequel a fair chance. The first was very ambitious and they did some very progressive things. I think they've learnt from the community feedback and I expect the second to be much better.

MNicholas3350d ago

in the first Uncharted game, as good as they were, were well below the PS3's abilities, how can developers continue to get away with not matching it's visuals?

droid and bot3350d ago

AC was really repetitive
but good over all

anyway i'll give the seconde one a chance but
there is some games that i'll get before this one

that means it'll be a long time till i get AC2

joydestroy3350d ago

good news for those getting it on the PS3. will be a PC xmas gift for me haha.

DarkTower8053350d ago

Developers aren't getting away with it anymore. The fans and media are calling devs out just like you see here. PS3 gamers are tired of being treated like a stepchild always getting the leftovers.

Ghostbusters is a good example of how enough people spoke up and the game was patched. But I hope the devs soon learn that the game better damn well look identical on release, because if they don't it's only going to hurt their pockets. I for one will never buy a multiplat on the PS3 that looks like crap compared to the 360, and I hope others feel the same.

Anon19743350d ago

I finished the game on my PS3 and I remember it looking and performing excellent. I don't remember noticing any framerate issues.

HolyOrangeCows3350d ago

I guess my Ps3 is special or something? No problems here.

Faztkiller3350d ago

The first KILLZONE sucked but KILLZONE2 is great I'm expecting the same happen with AC

table3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I can remember slight drops in framerate when you jumped off the high buildings and on odd occasions in a fight. Nothing that detracts from the experience though. I loved it.

@below - when did this patch come out? I bought the game over a year after it was released so I'm pretty sure I would have encountered it when I first played the game.

ThanatosDMC3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I want to actually feel that i need to run away from my enemies instead of slaughtering all of them... i mean, the chase option is practically useless when you can counter everything.

Also, the chase camera only happens when you killed one of the important people... which sucked in my opinion. I better have a reason to run away and fear for my life on this one.

At least he can swim this time... unlike last time when there's some super hungry shark-piranhas in the water that killed you instantly.

@ ^

The framerate issues were fixed by the patch. Dont download the patch and your game could freeze when you jump off the tallest tower and other instances in the game and also weird slowdowns.

chaosatom3350d ago

The first Assassin's Creed really turned me off.

There was practically nothing to do, and lackluster combat.

evrfighter3350d ago

"I finished the game on my PS3 and I remember it looking and performing excellent. I don't remember noticing any framerate issues."

that just means you probably can't really tell the difference. I'm not knocking you but some people just can't see the difference between 30 and 60fps. It's just the way it goes.

However it's worth noting that the people who can tell the difference between 60 and 100fps are usually the ones in first place. Well at least in pc games. I'm talking about back in the crt days tho. Most LCD monitors will only ever show 75fps unless you have a 120hz monitor which are still relatively new.

KZ2 for example. I can get past the control lag. But it's the 30fps that always has me turning off the game 30 mins after I start it. It really does hurt my eyes. 30fps is fine for 3rd person or rts however.

But if this doesn't affect you in any way and it's perfect for you, more power to you. I honestly wish that I could not tell the difference and I can remember way back when, when I first converted to pc from ps1. I really couldn't tell the difference. But now it's like night and day

FrankDrebin3350d ago

is the game to be just as good as the 360! There is not reason why it shouldn't be!

Developers...MAKE IT HAPPEN or I will throw the 'book' at you!

Information Minister3350d ago

I only played Assassin's Creed on the PC, so I don't really know how well the game worked on the PS3. But I do know for a fact that Prince of Persia runs very smoothly and is almost undistinguishable between PS3 and 360. Clearly the team made a lot of progress with their game engine. There's no doubt that AC2 will be very impressive from the technical perspective on all platforms. Now if only they manage to improve on the game itself.

@ chaosatom:
You and me both, my friend. I was also very disappointed with Assassin's Creed but I'm eagerly awaiting for the next PoP.

likedamaster3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I'm not getting the ps3 version anyway(360 for me). But I did enjoy the first AC. Great game and I think this one will be great as well.

NewZealander3350d ago

ive preordered the black edition for 360, i thought about getting the ps3 version for trophies but i thought it was safe to get the 360 version because multiplat games tend to have the edge on xbox.

if the ps3 version turns out to be better i may change my pre order, but i started the series on 360 so i would like to get all AC games on the same console.

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Selyah3350d ago

It did hamper the first a bit, hopefully it is properly dealt with, but I do know people had varying problems with AC before.

mephman3350d ago

Yea, I mean it wasn't a huge deal breaker, but it was still a bit of a niggling issue.

Kyll3350d ago

well, stuttering in battle is annoying in any game

Selyah3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Well other people had other issues such as freezing, in particular on leaving the starting area, lots of crashes as well, hopefully something that is totally not an issue as well this time.

sikbeta3350d ago

I remember RE4 framerate drops, at the begining was like OMG slow motion, then I realise that was framerate and now is annoying

table3350d ago

hhmm, that quote is a bit vague and that title is very misleading. n4g ftl.

raztad3350d ago

I know exactly what you mean. When I read the title I thought developers were having problems to get AC2 PS3 locked at 30 fps. Misleading titles FTL.

popup3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I agree. Everyone should read the article again.

Title should be "Assasin's Creed 1 PS3 Framerate Issues are a thing of the past in Assassin's Creed 2"

ian723350d ago

I never had any issues with framerate or anything with Assassins Creed on PS3. I am replaying it at the moment as I haven't played it for ages, and to get back into the story ready for Assassins 2.

madkrazygames3350d ago

probably because they send a patch to fix it. The patch also fix the freezing issues some people were having.

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