STP: Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! Review

STP writes: "Chances are you're a little tired of training your brain by now. Hand-eye coordination and reflexes can all be trained by many action games, and math you can practice at the grocery store. Shouldn't it be time to either pick up a book or just enjoy your leisure? Not quite yet, says Gameloft, who recently released their sequel to last year's Brain Challenge, appropriately titled Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!

The Daily Test for general training features activities in five disciplines: logic, math, memory, visual, and focus, as well as the Stress test, which doesn't so much measure your stress level as increase it with chaotic activities that sometimes even throw two minigames together. Brain Challenge 2 also features a Visual Test, which seems like just a specific cocktail of the same minigames designed to gauge how lively your eyes are feeling that day."

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