IncGamers - Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review [PC]

IncGamers' Tim McDonald goes hunting with the PC version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

From the review: "It's hard, initially, to fault Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The instant it kicks off with you touching down, in a helicopter, onto the lightly-defended outpost of Skirinka Island prior to the assault on Skira, the world completely sucks you in. It's getting on for dusk, so everything is hued in a beautiful orange as the sun goes down, and the tall wild grass twists gently in the breeze. Within a few minutes, everything will be black, because you'll have been shot in the head and your brain matter will be fertilising the ground."

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AndyA3351d ago

Wow, this is getting a wide range of review scores.

Leord3351d ago

That guy REALLY likes this game...

Maticus3351d ago

Very nice review, I'm sold :P