Forza 3 vs. Forza 2: Screenshot Comparison (Ferrari, BMW, Audi)

Videogameszone made a comparison of upcoming Forza 3 and Forza 2. They compared some screenshots including Ferrari F430, BMW M3 and Audi RS4.

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renegade3328d ago

I can see barely a difference

DarthTigra 3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Well IMO the lighting is a whole lot better in most of the pics and the Cars look a little better but other then that its not as much better as the reviews or Turn 10 would have you to think least by judging from these pictures.

bageara3328d ago

Thats because there barely is a difference and i would go as far as to say in some shots Forza 2 looks better

tuglu_pati3328d ago

@ Blacktigra

reviewers have played the game, so they should now more than us about how the game looks. I mean judging by the demo F3 is much better looking than F2.

lowcarb3328d ago

Well it looks better but is really hard to tell unless in motion just like the UC2 versus UC1 screens or even GT. My 1st sight of Forza3 was wow unlike 2 so I know there's a big difference.

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StanLee3328d ago

You really don't get a sense of the dynamic lighting, real time, dynamic reflections and shadows and the track detail from screens. Forza 3 looks absolutely fantastic. I recently rented Forza 2 from Gamefly since I had never played a Forza game and there is no comparing the two. Forza 3 is a huge leap technically over the second.

PROFIT3328d ago Show
ZombieAutopsy3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

their is a huge difference

Forza 2 had terrible Anti-Aliasing, Forza 3 greatly improved on it. The lighting in F3 was improved too, along with the landscape. Other than that i didnt really notice a difference though.

Syronicus3328d ago

Only MS can get away with simply polishing a turd and scoring above a 9 out of 10 from reviewers. Those must have been some swingin' swag bags this time around...

3328d ago
catguykyou3328d ago

Only thing worst than a Blinded fan boy is a ignorant troll. Try trolling somewhere else Syronicus, you've been called out many times before for making comments purely to get people arguing.

Syronicus3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

And the pictures above show that what I said is not too far off the mark. They simply polished their racing game and manage to score the same or higher than Forza 2. I have played them and like them somewhat but they have no excuse for simply tossing some polish on the game and releasing yet another forza in a couple years time. Any other company would have been nocked down for no new innovation and to deny that is simply fanboyish. Call me names all you want but that does not change the fact that media bias is rampant and heavily in favor of MS and their swag bag tossing PR folks...

dachiefsman3328d ago

Ok it's your honest opinion sure, but are you going to buy the game...uh no. So why do you care? Are you bored? Oh wait you saw something about Forza/Halo/Gears/MS...etc so you thought it would be a good time to flame a post.

Syronicus3328d ago

It's not worth the 60 bucks. I will rent it but never buy it. It's the beauty of GameFly.

Arnon3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Anyone who has even touched the demo of Forza Motorsport 3 can clearly see a difference between the two games. Hell, you think the some-odd 30 reviewers who said it looks better than Forza 2 are being bribed or something?

soxfan20053328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Of course that's what they believe. They simply cannot accept the fact than an excellent racing sim exists outside the Sony Universe, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

You can't play screenshots, but that's all some people have to cling to while they wait (and wait, and wait). Three 90+ rated racing sims in four years - now that's a developer that knows what they are doing.

On topic - I've always though Forza 2 was a very good looking game, so any improvement will be a huge plus in my book.

cheapndirty3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Did you even play the demo? Do you have forza2? The looks better than 'polished'. Evidently you don't intend to own the game or even play it so why are you here? Shouldn't you be in an Uncharted 2 section claiming GOTY? Below is you from last week:

"The only thing keeping my 360 in my house is the fact that they have yet to cancel my Live account even though my credit card is off file and that I use the Three-Fix-Me for Netflix only. Trading it in for any one of those games puts you in the green if you ask me."

You cant dispute that f3 is AAA. And it certainly looks better than a 'polished F2'. So 360 owners have a quality racing sim that they play NOW and all you can do is come in here and try to undermine it. Perhaps a dedicated gt5 forum would be the best place for you to do this.

WenisWagon3328d ago

Well lets be honest here, was there a dramatic difference in the visuals between GT3 and GT4? Nope, so why would you expect a game that is on the same console as it's predecessor to look dramatically different?

droid and bot3328d ago

2 looks kinda better
it just feels more realistic with the better lighting and textures

Tachyon_Nova3328d ago

Its scary how in at least half of the pictures, the cars look better in Forza 2. The environments look better across the board in FM3, but otherwise, how dissapointing are the graphics...

ambientFLIER3328d ago

That's because most of the time the cars in Forza 2 look like they are made of glass. The reflections are way over the top in some of the shots, and it catches your eye, even though technically they look worse.

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KionicWarlord2223328d ago

In the new york city pick it shows a big difference in the environment.

beardpapa3328d ago

are you referring to the 2nd picture with the ferrari? I actually like the F2 pic a lot. The lighting just makes that shot look amazing. You can see from the rest of the pictures T10 gave a lot of attention to background and track details.

PS3 slim3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Might as well stop posting these pics from this site we all know the difference is vast. When you read the reviews or compare the games at home you know for sure these compressed pics claiming to be HD hides the flaws of Foza 2 and takes away the improvements in Forza 3 making them seem the same. These pics and their compression hide the finer things good or bad. This is how people were able to make NFS look the same as Forza 3

If I were a PS3 fanboy I would just give it up Forza 3 is AAA, you can't do anything about it anymore.

droid and bot3328d ago

"PS3 fanboy I would just give it up Forza 3 is AAA, you can't do anything about it anymore. "

tell your self and the other xbox fanboys that GT5 is a AAA too then you can talk

3328d ago
WIIIS13328d ago

GT hasn't proven to be AAA in recent instalments - that's a fact.

cheapndirty3328d ago

Hey droid bot, everyone knows that gt5 will be AAA when it comes out. The odds of Sony bombing that one is slim to none.

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Godmars2903328d ago

Until I read the caption, thought the upper pics were Forza 2.

NoBias3328d ago

So did I :\

Though I'm sure it would help immensely to see these pics in a 1280x720 format. I work in the industry as an editor and trust, files always look better shrunken down. I'd like to see these blown up to their actual sizes.

sub853328d ago

Just click on "Screenshot in HD" (below the pics) to watch them in original size (720p).

NoBias3328d ago

Stupid Firefox... I'll try it through Safari.

u got owned3328d ago

You cant see much differences looking at screens except for better textures, cars, and a way better lighting system, but when you play the games and compare them, the difference is big, F2 feels bland, its like is cloudy all the time.

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