Gaming Concepts That Don't Work In Real Life

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at some gaming concepts that are totally not practical and would not work in everyday life.

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Go Gaming Giant3233d ago

It's a pretty funny article i think, it makes sense though lol

FarEastOrient3233d ago

I'm sorry to everyone in the East, those dating sims will not help you land the opposite sex.

mal_tez923233d ago

They should also put: You don't start from where you were a minute ago when you die.

jazzking20013233d ago

wish they did work in real life though

Alcon Caper3233d ago

I'm pretty sure circle strafing while shooting is pretty unrealistic.

thor3233d ago

Yeah circle jumping is fine in Quake, because it's intentionally part of the game, and it doesn't make any pretense about realism. But I found it odd that it's possible to do this kind of thing in CoD4.

kalikid7143233d ago

actually strafing while firing is a military technique... you just cant walk as fast as you normally would... but LOL at the ground pound damage... so true I hate those damn shock waves of death!!

thor3232d ago

kalikid we're talking about trickjumping, not simply strafing from side to side. See some videos:

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HypnoticMonkey3233d ago

Don't forget the concept of 'Auto-Healing' that seems to be getting popular in many FPS titles now. XD

Go Gaming Giant3233d ago

haha ye there's a bunch of concepts we had to leave out or else it'd be to long

HypnoticMonkey3233d ago

Oh I'm sure people could handle it. :]

sukru3233d ago

Standing in cover does less to healing than eating. Eating can actually heal you a bit (honey, food that has lots of vitamin, etc).

bjornbear3233d ago

yeah and "endless pockets" ala Link or Gordon Freeman xD

TheHip143233d ago

endless pockets, haha, good one

thor3233d ago

You forgot about Solid Snake's endless pockets! Where does he keep his RPG, multiple grenade launchers, loads of rifles and ammo? Or Raiden for that matter... he was wearing a skin-tight sneaking suit!

SupaPlaya3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Not necessarily endless pockets. It's just extra large pockets and a light speed weapon/item delivery system that let him swap them on the flying while pausing time.

Endless pockets means you wouldn't have to swap, but scrolling through them would be a problem lol...

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The story is too old to be commented.