Bayonetta Producer Believes that the Style vs Substance Debate is a Non-Argument

Bayonetta producer Yusuke Hashimoto explains: "it's really a non-argument for Kamiya-san, myself, and the rest of the team - the experience we've gained making action games over the years really lent itself to the kind of game that Bayonetta is. We've built the kind of game that we as action fans want to play ourselves."

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Keith Olbermann3351d ago

or does anyone else not care about this sort of game? It is too much like a devil may cry to me and that sort of play seems last gen. Thats just my opinion so don't beat up on me too much.

Cliff Forster3350d ago

Honestly, this is the first I have seen of this title. It appears to be a Devil may Cry clone, but a good one. I enjoy that type of game from time to time.

takohma3349d ago

the gameplay does seem last gen. and i really think the whole game design is stupid and the story is horrible. who gives these guys the ok for horrible ideas like this? i think they coulda made the girl alot cooler wit cooler powers instead of a damn shoe flying out of nowhere. lmao. these people need to retire lol