MassiveDamage: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Review

MassiveDamage writes "While the lower blood count and curious design decisions keep Sigma 2 from being the unquestionably definitive edition, the amount of extra content and unlockables make the wait for PS3 owners well worth it. No matter which of the two consoles you own, this is still one of the best action titles released this gen, and should not be missed by anyone who has the audacity to call himself a gamer."

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nolifeking3351d ago

How is the lack of blood something that equates to a definitive version? If anything the lack of blood pushes it closer to that pedestal, since it's more in line with all the other NG, including the ones on the original xbox.

raztad3351d ago

I tried the demo. I really liked and it got me wanting to play the full game. The "lack" of blood is a plus for me, the new stylish purple look it's pretty slick.

RAM MAGNUMS3351d ago

blood is good.

funny thing is I believe that blood might be a unlockable or in future dlc plans.