PS3: SingStar Interview

Screen Play has some bad news for SingStar fans today. There will be no way to "unlock" tracks you already own from the PS2 games via PS3's spiffy new SingStore.

The lovely Paulina Bozek, SingStar Game Director, promptly replied to Screen Play's request for a brief chat for a (still upcoming) game music feature, but broke my heart with her response to a question about whether Sony's boffins had come up with any solution to let PS3 users access their favourite tracks without buying them again or loading up the old game.

"It's very tough to know what songs a person owns and be able to ensure that they aren't passing the disc around to their friends and all downloading the songs for free," said Ms Bozek. "But of course you can still enjoy your PS2 SingStar discs on your PS3."

Bummer. Anyway, for some other thoughts from Ms Bozek on the SingStar phenomenon and the upcoming PS3 version, click below.

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