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Submitted by BROOKLYN N-M-E 2311d ago | article

Why The 2010 Delays Wont Save Anyone From Modern Warfare 2

DualShockers writes:

"If you think back to this past year's E3, the biggest title (besides Uncharted 2 of course) by far had to be Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A couple of weeks before the convention IW released their very 1 teaser trailer that ended with the release date of 11/10/09. Prior to the trailer there were many other titles slated for a November release as well. However, following Modern Warfare 2's showing at E3 that all would change, like a domino effect, one title after another it seemed as all had begun backpedaling into early 2010. This epidemic of delays in the gaming community would come to be known as the "modern warfare flu".

Not every title was delayed, as some managed to actually move up in the calendar. Some titles like Uncharted 2 did the right thing. Naughty Dog and Sony, had probably the most impressive showing of any title at E3, yet they still adjusted to Modern Warfare and moved up from their original November date to October 13th. This was done in order to make sure it wouldn't get caught in the holiday release shuffle (*cough* and avoid Modern Warfare *cough*). While Uncharted 2, was making moves in the right direction, other titles we doing the absolute worse thing (besides cancel the game of course) they could have done by slipping into 2010..." (Culture)

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BROOKLYN N-M-E  +   2311d ago
I'm going to be so broke in January because of these delays!
BadboyCivic360  +   2311d ago
MW2 will be played alot but sometimes we need a lil diversity and thats where the other games come in...GOW3,Bioshock,ME2 and GT5 is a must buy...
Ashby_JC  +   2311d ago
If I had a SOLID game lets say like Bioshock 2 that has a following from the first game.

And is not really a shooter in the way COD is. I would have released it THIS holiday 2009. It would have still sold becuase its a different experience.

There are a few other games that shouldnt have went to 2009 IF they were ready.

The article does make a good point....

After December ppl are usually BROKE and are playing the games they got for the holidays!
StanLee  +   2311d ago
Early 2010 I'm going to be broke. There's Darksiders, Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno, Splinter Cell: Conviction. Anything else I forgot to mention? Whew!
nycredude  +   2311d ago
COD is overated. I will get it used in a month or so after teh holidays when gamestop has buy 2 used get one free so activision doesn't get shiat from me.

Edit: What is up with all these stupid being saved from COD articles? Is COD a black hole that sucks up other games and makes them disappear or something, a sort of game oblivion? have these idiots ever heard of buying more than one game?

Yeah sure you're playing Demon's Souls. I didn't know it was out on the 360. Why are you waiting to buy UC2 next year? Is that when you will buy a Ps3 finally?

I played the Lost Planet Demo and it was fun but only a retard would wait 6 months after UC2 release to buy it and get LP2 on day one.
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deadreckoning666  +   2311d ago
Good Article. MW2 ill be played religiously for the next 2 years!

Modern Warfare 2 and Demon Souls are already my two games of the year.

@nycredude- If Modern Warfare is so overated why do so many people still play it? Why is it still in XBL and PSN's top ten list after TWO YEARS?, I have a better one. Whats the most bought thg off the PSN store?

Edit: psn-deadreckoning666, do ur research before u go accusing people of not having a certain console
Also, GET SMART. U call me a retard for not buying Uncharted 2 when u and I know full well that not EVERY PS3 owner will buy it this year and MOST will flock to Modern Warfare 2. If Uncharted 2 is so great then I assume it'll be the most played online game on PSN this holiday season..right lol.

Nice job trying to force ur opinion on others,dude World at War map packs are the most bought thing off PSN..wake up.

@bear- Yea, if Lost Planet 2 comes out this year, im getting it too. I was getting Uncharted 2, but ill wait till the price goes down to get it sometime next year. MW2 and LP2 will keep my busy until March.
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bjornbear  +   2311d ago
Same as me =) only getting it in December together w Lost Planet 2. Nov. not getting anything...won't have any €€ =(
morganfell  +   2311d ago
Good post and dead bang on for ALL comments.

I am not concerned about a game that puts money into Bobby Kotick's pockets. But othe rpeople should stop and think for a second.

I can buy what I want, as much as I want. I have more than a handful of games on order already. Some people are not so financially fortunate. When they run out and buy MW2 on day one and then Activision starts increasing prices on their next titles these same MW2 day one fans will be crying over the cost but they will have no one to blame but themselves.
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BlackTar187  +   2311d ago
Well stan
I guess for this one period its okay to be a single console owner. in the money sense for a gamer your missing out on some really great tittles.

I own them all so my list is
Yours + GOW3,Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Heavy Rain,etc.

I also have on my plate right now
Op Flashpoint,Demon Soul,Sacred 2, wolfenstein, Need for speed,Mini Ninjas, NG2 and GIJOE(not the worst game ever)

To much to much
N2NOther  +   2311d ago
In this economy people will most likely be cutting their spending. The game that the majority of gamers want is Modern Warfare 2. This isn't blind speculation, this is a fact. A lot of people are only buying that game or very few others. So, it makes SOUND business sense for companies to movie their title to a more leveled playing field in terms of competition.

As for COD being overrated. I'm sure it is, to YOU, but the fact remains that people are still playing COD4 to this day so "theory" that it will only be played for a months is dead wrong.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2311d ago
i would of got COD4, but it's price is roughly the same since release, and i ain't paying basically full price for a 2 year old game.
Myth  +   2311d ago
I'll probably wait
1. Uncharted 2 SP
2. Unhcarted 2 MP
2. Demon Souls
3. Assassins Creed 2
4. Dragon Age Origins
5. Modern Warfare 2 SP
6. Modern Warfare 2 MP

I want to fully experience MP on both Uncharted and Modern Warfare 2. No reason why one should suffer over the other. So far my favorite experience online this gen has been Killzone 2, I just enjoyed unlocking the things in KZ2 more than i did in the first Modern Warfare and i liked the bigger maps.
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droid and bot  +   2311d ago
this game is really over rated
now don't get mad because this is my opinion
add to that WOW and the first MW was good

but i think its time for me to move it to something new
a new IP
and i think that PPL should do the same too

and last but not least i hate bobby kotick and he is not getting a single dime out of me
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FrankDrebin  +   2311d ago
Too Many Games!!!!
This fall/winter is gaming heaven! No matter what system you are rocking, there is lots to spend your money on.

Woot I can't wait!
N2NOther  +   2310d ago
@ droid and bot
So a game you haven't played yet is overrated? Funny, because so far it hasn't been rated at all. Hyped? Yes. Overhyped? None of us know yet, but it's funny that you think everyone should move on when not only you haven't played the game, but EVERYONE who has says it's fantastic. Hmmm.
BROOKLYN N-M-E  +   2311d ago
that's right
Delaying to 2010, will only delay the inevitable! Getting crushed by MW2!
iiprotocolii  +   2311d ago
Nah, I don't think its to that extent. MW2 would have crushed a lot of games, but that's only because it's a multiplat title. Not saying that the game is crappy because everyone knows that its a solid franchise, but there are a lot of games on that list that could give MW2 some competition.
iiprotocolii  +   2311d ago
Meh, out of that list of the 7 being delayed, only 4 interest me. So, I'm not really upset at the push. Companies aren't stupid to go and compete against MW2. They saw what COD4 did and they're well aware of what it's going to do this time around with the community it has developed. Out of that list, I can probably list 4 or 5 games that gamers would have definitely gotten if it were released this holiday season.
Chadness  +   2311d ago
For me, it doesn't really matter when a game comes out, I'll be buying the same games next year as I would have if they released this holiday season. On the same thought, clearing market space out isn't going to get me to buy a game I wouldn't have bought anyway. Unfortunately, I have little interest in MW2, and even less interest in buying it or playing it immediately.
smooch_357  +   2311d ago
I agree 100%....
To me, all of these "delays" could be avoided if publishers would wake up and realize that we gamers are usually dieing to play new games during the months of April-September, I'm sure all of you know what I mean, how many high profiles game came out this year during this time period...Madden, Infamous & Batman AA come to mind, but that's about it. Why do publishers always wait for the holidays to decide they want to release their games, there is like no comp during the summer and spring months, and good games are in a drought during those months....

And in regards to the previous post before me, I missed out on KZ2, RE5, and Batman AA this year either because of money or just being too busy with school work, but you can bet that they will be the games that I play this holiday season, and then early next year, I'll pick up Uncharted 2, MW2, and R&C-Time....If you publish a good game and I miss out on it on release, doesn't mean that I wont get them when the time is right for me, and I'm sure most gammers do the same.
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Chadness  +   2311d ago
Plus, there's a bit of the "WoW syndrome" too. Just because another title doesn't do as good as MW2 doesn't make it a bad or unsuccessful game by any means.
Aquarius  +   2311d ago
AC2 and MW2 are on the TripleA too so 360 FAILS!!!!!
(first 360 sku can be found sitting at 84 on Amazon;)

GALO RRODLC and Flopza 3 are both 2007 games in disguise...

Microslut should be ashamed of themsleves. :p
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SSCOOLCHEA  +   2311d ago
I am The only One
That has no interest in COD.....whatsoever.
I already have uncharted 2 and just pick up nba2k. i want demons souls and ratchet plus many other ps3 exclusive coming up . so no time for downgraded multiplat games .
PlayStation X  +   2311d ago
i aint bothered about it eather, will buy it on release but more looking forward to... uncharted, demon souls, ratchet n clank, gow collection n assassins creed tbh.

dammmn xbox only got 2 games worth mentioning this year lol ac2 n mw2 loool
maverick1191  +   2311d ago
dont know why the author made a article about mw2 still beating most 2010 games unless he's played it yes mw2 might be good but people have the opinions on which games are better like people will prefer battlefield over cod anyday
Ravage27  +   2311d ago
personally, i wish MW2 never exists, so i'll get to play more games this fall. I could have been playing MAG during the hols.....

Then again, i know there are many MW fans out there so i'll live with the delays :/
ZombieAutopsy  +   2311d ago
I'd buy at least three of them over MW2

White Knight Chronicles
Mass Effect 2

i would of said MAG before i got into the beta but it doesnt live up to the hype, Zipper should of just made another socom.
Ravage27  +   2311d ago
? I love the beta and i thought it was epic
Just curious, what didn't you like about MAG?
TechWiz  +   2311d ago
I'm in the beta too. This came blows away Modern Warfare multiplayer. Too me it's already better, and this is only the beta stage. I would love to hear what you don't like.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2311d ago
It feels almost last gen/early this gen. I also dont feel like im part of a huge war (which was my main problem with it), BFBC feels more like a massive action game than MAG to me at least. I would of prefered them to make it 75vs75 and touched up the graphics and lighting alot more. I know its not finished and itll prolly be touched up a bit which im hoping for, i guess it just wasnt my cup of tea so to speak. My hopes where really high for this game, i wasnt expecting Kz2 graphics or anything but i was expecting a better experience than i recieved. Also the game seems really dark in some spots to where when i shoot i cant see the person im shooting at (and im not just holding down the shooting button either).

I am gonna hold off my final judgement until the game comes out but if it was released as is right now i know i wouldnt buy it.
Redempteur  +   2311d ago
mag = (MW+Socom elements) x 4 .

It will stay strong ... Many cod Fans will play it .I believe this since COD didn't do that much improvements in the multiplayer area ... ( nothing THAT huge .. )
Roper316  +   2311d ago
My title would be a little diferent
Even with all the delays I still won't buy MW2.
Ashby_JC  +   2311d ago
One game that may have been able to take away sales from MW2 is BF BC2.

I so want too pass on MW2 myself but I know my friends list will be FULL of friends playing it!!!
bjornbear  +   2311d ago
I believe Sony KNEW that their users would want to get MW2
So they decided to shift U2, not only for competition, but so it wouldn't hurt MW2 sales (I believe it would have worked both ways)

I mean that both would loose out if they both came out same time, because they are both GoTY contenders, and they both know that.

So if anything i think ND AND IW were perfectly aware that they couldn't go on head on (in the PS3 market obviously)

Either way NOT getting this day one...but hopefully a.s.a.p =D
ceedubya9  +   2311d ago
The games aren't releasing the far apart from each other. So, they at least gave Uncharted a bit of breathing room to get as many sales as possible before the Holiday rush.

If anything, I think that Modern Warfare 2 would have hurt Uncharted 2 more so than the other way around. To this day, the Call of Duty franchise is one of the top franchises (if not THE top franchise) on the PS3. Uncharted 2 looks great, but it may not do as well as it should because most people will probably be all about Call of Duty, a title many are more familiar with and has widespread appeal amongst hardores and casuals.
ceedubya9  +   2311d ago
Interesting Theory
Although I think some of those games were delayed more so due to needing extra time to clean up any bugs and what not.

Although U2 may turn out to be the better overall game, its good that the game will be releasing before MW2. Games that are this popular, you just have to avoid going up against.

Personally, If had the choice, I'd probably take Uncharted 2 before MW2. I've never been a huge fan of Call of Duty's twitchy "I got the drop on you" online gameplay (although it is fun). U2's offering seems more my style.
creeping judas  +   2311d ago
Well lets hope that all the new MW2 players don't overwhelm the XBL network, like the original did.
ceedubya9  +   2311d ago
You know its going to happen.

Now that I think about it, I hope PSN will hold up too, as the PS3 has picked up some steam and you know MW2 is going to be a hot seller.
Aquarius  +   2311d ago
PS3 owners already have 4 AAAA games releasing in the same month:

Demon's Souls (RPG so should last long)
Uncharted 2 (Multiplayer should last long)
EYEPET(unsure about this but its great for kids)
Ratchet and Clank Future 2(it has loads of replayability)

Heavy Rain(NewIP)
...would have been neglected.

I was only looking forward to Bioshock 2 since I played the first in July.
Not sure why the sequel is being delayed because AC2 hasn't been delayed :/

Now there's too many games in 2010 which then in turn will probably be pushed into 2011.
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bigrudowsky  +   2311d ago
out of the four releasing soon, uncharted is the beast..demon souls is good but i dont know if id consider it amazing or anything its just insanely difficult. the other two are not wort mentioning
Aquarius  +   2311d ago
I haven't played DS'(importing): yet but from what I heard it is a Trial and Error game and you do know what Trial and Error means right?

I have played several games and I'm sure I can adjust to DS' once I get it. Plus DS has been getting loads of 9/10s and its a once in a generation type of game, so it deserves the name amazing because its very rewarding.
I hope I like it as I have bought the Deluxe Edition. Can't let that 1 slip away ;)

Its not for insanely stupid people or people new to games.

O.k. 3, Ratchet and Clank is a very wellmade game, don't try and downplay it.
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Redempteur  +   2311d ago
Demons souls is more like " learning from your mistakes " than trial and error ...

I just wanted to correct this point .
Aquarius  +   2311d ago
so DS' is not "insanely difficult" as he is implying?
divideby0  +   2311d ago
COD is one of the most overrated game franchises.
SP is fun, but to me MP is just meh.
Sure its popular, but its really not that great of a game compared to many others
Darkseider  +   2311d ago
Too much hype
Granted MW2 will be a great game but it's not the end all of gaming. I am personally more excited about BF:BC2 than MW2. I will be getting both but the latter just looks more polished with destructible environments and cover in multi-player. Graphically they are equally impressive but MW2 looks like it went more towards the twitch shooter and BF:BC2 went more toward the squad based slightly more realism. Will have to play both and see but that's the impressions I am getting after seeing/reading all the previews of these two games.
FwanK  +   2311d ago
March 2010, what´s the name of those two titles?

oh yeah... God of War 3 and Bad Company 2

alphakennybody  +   2311d ago
and gran turismo 5 too
ceedubya9  +   2311d ago
Don't forget
Final Fantasy XIII.....I think that is in March.
bjornbear  +   2311d ago
Hey Eddy
You almost had me in that cell today ;)


Yea BF:BC2 is looking AWSUM! might consider even getting the 1st one its gone down on cost =O
Dorwrath  +   2311d ago
Will be buying MW2 for my 360. In fact I'm glad Bioshock 2 was pushed back. Time to polish it up even more. I be buying that too along with Mass Effect 2(although I might wait till it goes platinum).

Although I like Uncharted 1, I was glad I only rented it. I will do the same for the second one. If Naughty Dog had released an actually game demo, rather than multiplayer I might have been persuaded to actually purchase it.

No matter how good Uncharted 2 is, that type of game never holds longevity for me. I just don't enjoy playing through the game multiple times. thats just personal preference, nothing to do with the game itself.

Watch for the disagrees because I'm deciding to rent Uncharted 2 rather than buy lol
deadreckoning666  +   2311d ago
Exactly Dorwrath. Modern Warfare 2 is the most anticipated GOTY and not everyone can afford to buy that many games per year. MOST will not spend 60 bucks to play Uncharted 2, when they know they'll inevitably be busy playing Modern Warfare 2 online for the rest of the year.

For people who care more about SP than MP, Uncharted 2 and Demon Souls are the 2 games to have this year. To all the disagrees that are coming, hey, we'll see what happens this holiday. Many will take advantage of the money back guarantee promotion thing at Gamestop.

@Aquarius. No not really. When I get MW2 ill jump straight inta the multiplayer and play the SP whenever I need a break. What im saying is that U2's multiplayer is what will give it its legs so why spend 60 bucks on it when a superior MP will come next month. Whats "superior" is very subjective. But we can all agree that ALOTTA people like COD.

U2's SP is where it stands out, the problem is that many people these days don't feel comfortable spending 60 bucks on a game which has SP as its best asset.

IM NOT saying U2 isn't fun and addictive, im just saying MW2 will most likely be hands down better. We can't all afford to buy 2 games in a 2 month period and even to those who can. Why buy a game that u know in a months time will be ignored for the sake of another?

Edit: LOL screw M.A.G, im waitin for Starhawk! Hey if u thk Uncharted 2 is GOTY, congratulations.
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Aquarius  +   2311d ago
.....BUT Among Theives has multiplayer and Co-op too???

And you know Uncharted 2 will be just exhilarating.

...isn't that what you do in COD finish the SP and play the MP???

I'm a bit disappointed that ND never made a SP demo but observing from the MP/Co-op, it is so FUN and know the game is just OVERTHETOPBADASS.
95% of the reviews says so...

@deadreckoning666 MAG says howdy do :)

EDIT: U2 is GOTY in all areas, even a machinima mode :P
Your Welcome!
MW2 has barely changed while U2 just excels at everything.

P.s. Uncharted 2 is underpriced and COD6 is overpriced so don't try and justify anything. PS3 users have access to both.
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DigitalAnalog  +   2311d ago
Why is Gran Turismo and Heavy Rain on the "delay" list?
spektical  +   2311d ago
MW2 will be the same as MW, and all the hype will die just like it did for RE5. Seriously, what new is IW bringing to the table? A new campaign, online coop and competitive upgrades.... wow im soo hyped for this... NOT

Bioshock 2 will hold its own, as well as MAG, Dark Void, BFBC2 (which will be way better than MW2), and many of the games that were pushed to 2010 will do fine.

People should expect more from sequels, not simple enhancements that will be shown in MW2 just like RE5. Dice is showing how its done, upgrade everything significantly not little upgrades that can just be patched.
djfullshred  +   2311d ago
I have zero interest in MW2, but am looking forward to many other games coming out soon.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2311d ago
£44.99??? for MW2???
They can KISS'MY'@SS!!! ;-D

+ I'm NEVER buying a 'Infinity Ward' game again. Hmm after being on the internet you start to hate a lot of game companies!!! ;-D
Gaming sites should make you get into Gaming more not less...Oh well...
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JackBNimble  +   2311d ago
Why? It's Activision that have jacked the price up.
IW are some hard working DEV's that have been screwed over be their pubisher Activision.
I am Legend  +   2311d ago
All I was getting this year...

That's it. Games like Assasins Creed or even God Of War will be great but after a few play throughs I get bored so for me it's better to just rent games like that.
#22 (Edited 2311d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jikla  +   2311d ago
I think Borderlands will be a good investment this month. I also guess I'll play it more than modern warfare 2. I bought the first game, played trough SP 1 time and MP for about 13 hours. I got bored :<
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2311d ago
Ive played Modern warfare 2 already...
when it was called call of duty 4 modern warfare and then again when it was called call of duty world at war.

my brother is buying it used and then when he's done, its my turn for the trophies and then im passng it to my cousin where the game will stay until we need something to trade for.

1 or 2 days to beat the campaign and a week to enjoy multiplayer and pass. totally not worth the $60 bucks.
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i3eyond the Circle  +   2311d ago
Your a bold face lier.

You played the multiplayer with who???? ALL the people that happen to have a pirated Ps3 copy?

If the game was leaked or even had review copies out I WOULD KNOW.

The game is still being tested by the developers themselves let alone having up and running servers.
Roper316  +   2311d ago
@19.1 you totally missed what he was saying. He said that MW2 is basically the same as MW1 when he said he already played it. He was not saying he played the actual MW2 or a pirated copy only that it will be the same game with a 2 added onto the name and a new paint job.
i3eyond the Circle  +   2311d ago
I'm gonna be straight 2009.

Assasins Creed2
Left 4 Dead 2
Modern Warfare 2
Uncharted 2
Magna Carta 2

I'm in no rush for 2010 to get here.
Aquarius  +   2311d ago
I'm sure SONY will want to put a heavy emphasis on the WAND's launch which will then in turn push games into 2011.

I don't know why I got a disagree for that.
Especially if M$ decides to compete with SONY at spring...
games will be delayed, there's already too >much<
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2311d ago
oh please,
first infinity ward has beef with treyarch and then they have beef with thier publisher. yeah right i call bullcrap.
they released 1 map pack for modern warfare and coasted. then they didnt even add the rumble patch with the excuse that its too hard.
fckn tekken online got a rumble patch!

anyway, this game is the hoe my friends and family will pass around like a cold.
joydestroy  +   2311d ago
oh bs at this article.
Bioshock 2 – 02/09/10
*Splinter Cell: Conviction (X360) 02/23/10
*God of War 3 (PS3) – March 2010
*Mass Effect 2 (X360) – Q1 2010
*Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer (PS3) – Q1 2010

and those are just the heavy hitters guaranteed to do well.
Barragan  +   2311d ago
i need proof that modern warfare 2 is the same as modern warfare
side by side game play, modern warfare 2 campaign on one side modern warfares campaign, and see whats the same, then multiplayer of both side by side on each, like i said before these are ps3 fans that are saying that the game is the same, oh wait modern warfare 1 is a complete game and we have seen everything that there is to see of that game, but one of the games is in beta stage i believe, no one has played it except those that were at infinity wards press event reveal of multiplayer, the guns are different cept some that returned and they have even been revamped, new perks and perk add ons, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more customization, kill streak customization, death streaks, and they STILL havent shown the whole thing, anyone that says the game has nothing new is blind and an idiot, of course the core of the game is gonna be the same, its not a fantasy world in cod which you can add in plasma rifles like halo, this is real life war, stop being unrealistic, they added in as many new military weaponry as they could up to date war stuff, what else NEW could they add, what else has something DRASTICALLY new anyway, of course in the style of game uncharted 2 is you can have new stuff, but its still not completely new cause if you make a game toooooooooooo much different its dangering the stature of the game franchise, now if it were like call of duty 6 future warfare THEN the game could be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different, but its MODERN warfare 2, so to tell you the truth they could only add a little, you could say BAD COMPANY 2 has much different, but they have copied much from call of duty anyway, and operation flash point, theres only so much you can do with real life war, halo is something that should be criticized for not having much new, its fantasy war, the sky is the limit there, crysis also
N2NOther  +   2311d ago
Dude. If you go through all that work to type something and you want people to read it you should think about proper sentence structure.
beavis4play  +   2311d ago
barragan, is your post one long sentence?
your post might make more sense if it had some structure.
ipe  +   2311d ago
give me a break
first of im not paying 50 pounds(and manny others on my friend list).If i ever decide to get it it ll be for 20 pounds or somethin,OR i wont get it at all.

Games from the list that i ll buy are coming in january-june!!!! period(gow3,gt5,heavy rain,mafia,red dead,bioshock 2)and i just cant see why mw2 ll prevent me or someone else to buy them.Im online bi**h but some game online wont stop me to play other games,especially mentioned games.

Buy its just me though...
beavis4play  +   2311d ago
uncharted never had a nov. release date and GOW3 wasn't delayed at dualshockers just making stuff up as they go along?
iiprotocolii  +   2310d ago

You must be the dumbest person alive to even utter such words. Search google, my friend. Uncharted 2 was supposed to release on November 2009 but got pushed up to October 13th, 2009. 1UP has it, and scroll down and read. As for the God of War news, it was Rumor (meaning that it's not considered authentic unless confirmed by more than one source) and has been debunked. Jesus, people need to research before making themselves look so silly.
EdFry  +   2310d ago
@ protocal
Right because you couldn't just correct him he had to be the dumbest person alive.

What happen to friendly gamers, I thought all that violence and platforming was suppose to mellow us out.
beavis4play  +   2310d ago
iiprotocolii, that didn't show anything. it doesn't have one statement from ND saying the game is being released in NOV.

same with GOW3.

you should quit believing everything you read from all sources except the devs who are making the game.

oh, those COD fanboys.
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