Lil Wayne Has A Modded Xbox That Has Many Games From A-Z

Gamertag Radio writes: "Here's an exclusive video that was recorded a while ago with Grammy Award winner Lil Wayne & Hip Hop legend KRS One. During the conversation it got a bit technical for the crew & Lil Wayne. He explains about how his boy hooked him up with an "Xbox that has every game from A-Z, Atari, Nintendo, pong, movies & even porn" and KRS ONE replies with "So that's an "X"-box".

Basically, Lil Wayne just gave the scoop on camara that he has a modded Xbox with tons of games & movies in his hard drive. Even celebs are making this happen. Ha! "

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ZombieAutopsy3355d ago

rich and he still has to pirate games...pathetic.

m233355d ago

I agree, he has so much money yet he still won't buy the games. Atleast Soulja Boy buys his games, even though I hate his music.

BadboyCivic3603355d ago

Take em out the hood but you cant take the hood out of em...
He has truck loads of cash but that money is for more important things like a new set of platinum diamond encrusted grills...

DarthTigra 3355d ago

Soulja boy doesn't buy his games...Microsoft sends all of them to him lol he said it in a video

deadreckoning6663355d ago

I could be a millionaire and Id still do it just for the thrill of doing it.

Rocket Sauce3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I'm pretty sure he's talking about emulators - nothing pathetic about that. I'd love to have an xbox with every snes / genesis game ever made on it.

I remember a while back Snoop Dogg said he had one, too.

Chrisny853355d ago

im not sticking up for this d-bag but he is talking about old games no different from what you can download at an emulator sight.

i wouldn't say its right to do it, but you cant buy it in stores so...

he got pissed when he noticed the camera lol he was like "turn it off" when he spotted it at the end.

Bnet3433355d ago

Serious question, can Microsoft ban his Xbox 360 or take legal action?

pixelsword3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

What does "the hood" have to do with lil' Wayne's actions?

Winona Rider got caught shoplifting and she has millions more than Lil' Wayne:

Are you going to blame that on "the trailers"?

Robert Downey Jr. is a multiple felon well known for his drug use, and many more rich people who never lived in "the hood" are busted for doing drugs... and get away with it

Are you going to blame that on "the 'burbs"?

I could go on about the Mendez brothers, Charlie Manson, Jim Jones... all of whom never went into or came from "the hood" who hailed from various backgrounds.

Such ignorant blanket statements just paints an inaccurate picture of a whole region of people, so you really should quit talking about things you obviously don't really know much about.

A person doing bad things is a person doing bad things, irregardless of where they come from.


I realize that I'm probably the first person in N4G History to post a non-gaming link. :P

YungXclusive2K93355d ago

lil wayne was high as f*k in that video

NoBias3355d ago

A lot of people have a modded Xbox with all the classic games on it. We have one in our house. It's brilliance.

Beast_Master3355d ago

No I am pretty sure he means 360, he says he flipped through a book and it had every game ever released. Modded x-box is being able to save game rentals to the harddrive, which is why MS went with a proprietary HDD this gen. with the 360 I know people that give the machine an update to allow it to read burned games from a regular DVD disc. they usually sell copies for 5 to 10 bucks. There are people that make a living modding 360s and selling the games. Still amazes me to see 360 games still sell better than PS3, but for much longer.

NoBias3355d ago

He's talking about classics. He says Atari and Nintendo. I guarantee I have the same mod he's talking about (as do many others, its a popular mod). We have movies as well.

cyberwaffles3355d ago

lol those guys aren't hood. they're nothing but fakes who want to be "hood."

ps3d03355d ago

Kigmal of course they can its illegal to prative games and this idiot was dumb enough to admit to it on video ? I hope they throw his ass in jail for a very long time.

vhero3355d ago

hahaha quality this will give people even more incentive to pirate on the 360 and lower sales numbers.

darkmurder3354d ago

Who wants to bet hes drinking purple drank?

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rroded3355d ago

is he talkin an original xbox cause thats jus weak. n ya lots of hacked consoles out there cept teh ps3 thats been hack proof so far.

rucky3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

He probably feels more gangsta for doing this

EpicGamerSwordsman3355d ago

He's Probably Earning more street cred because of this, lol

Chrisny853355d ago

and lil wayne dont go together.

Sarick3355d ago

If Celebs can do it and publicly announce it why should Joe Public fear illegal practices.

To think the young children who look up to him as a role model see him saying it' ok to pirate even if you have the money to get anything you want. It was his son that did this and he was cool about it.

(Sign, shakes head.)

whitesoxfalife3355d ago

dam weezy thas how u feel lol

whitesoxfalife3355d ago

but thas how it is in the hoods cross the world if u know somebody that do that for u then o well who wouldn't jump on that cuz we broke but then again he might have paid that dude to do it for him man i dunno who cares really