Gamez: Magna Carta II Review

Gamez writes: "Magna Carta is a Korean RPG that previously appeared on the PlayStation 2 under the name Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Now Xbox 360 owners play the second part. A knowledge of the series is not necessary, because the game is almost complete in itself."

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GWAVE3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Ouch. Magna Carta was a sweet game. Looks like the "Mediocre RPG" flu has struck yet another 360-exclusive RPG.

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Crystallis3356d ago

Magna carta on the ps2 sucked..It was plagued with so many issues it wasn't even funny.

Raoh3356d ago

I'll hold judgment for two reasons

1. RPG's usually get less than stellar reviews, most reviewers aren't into rpg games.. (fallout 3, oblivion and mass effect dont count, those are semi new experiences i'm talking more about jrpg/strpg/etc)

2. these are review sites i'm not familiar with