CVG: Hydrophobia Hands-On Preview Pt 2

CVG: Water here, water there, water, water everywhere. Water is the game: before the Queen of the World, before the Neo-Malthusian politics, before Kate even, Hydrophobia was about one thing and one thing only. Water. That wet stuff. You know.

It's a believable substance right here, which is to be expected as a team of astrophysicists and mathematicians has been working full time to perfect the swell's in-game behaviour. Ever-so-slightly elasticised maybe - when rolling waves crash into a wall they return at almost full force without the slightest whiff of dampening - but still better than most other water effects. The proprietary Hydro Engine technology accurately models waves as the ship is buffeted by explosions, and in open environments undercurrents and surface flows pull and push heroine Kate in different directions depending on her depth.

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