10 Signs You've Spent Too Much Time Gaming

If it's past midnight and your hands have frozen to the keyboard because you were too busy nerfing to turn on the heating then, please, read on and save yourself! Here are Dealspwn's top ten signs that you've spent too much time gaming!

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Blaster_Master3351d ago

what the hell?! How do you sickos get pics like that?

ZombieAutopsy3351d ago

its gabe newells father

j/k i just couldnt resist

Syronicus3351d ago

#11 - You author for a stupid site that loves making top 10 (11) lists about gamers and include a picture of your father...

Please, these lists are just plain dumb.

SupaPlaya3351d ago

When you spent too much time gaming you forgot everything else!

CadDad3351d ago

If extending the picture further down would reveal a Jabba tail? Inspiration for George Lucas maybe? Dude just keeps getting wider the lower you go..... /brain bleach

I'm joking obviously! Even if it were true, I don't care to ponder what's lower in the picture, I've seen enough already.


mal_tez923351d ago

I was fat before I started gaming so it doesn't count

FrankDrebin3351d ago

this has all to do with the type of person they are. The same person, even without games would find something else that would soak up their attention.

Gaming is not an excuse!

ThanatosDMC3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

They forgot one important thing i hate about these types of people... hygiene. They dont shower, wipe their asses properly, they smell like urinated dogs and dry $hit, dry layered sweat/bodily fluids, etc.

Sadly, i have a couple of friends like these... you can smell them from far away and they're so used to their scent that they think it's normal, and they ask me why they cant get any females to like 'em. Yeah, i clean my crap... im very ordered.

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Vo_Cal3351d ago

I repeatedly game until i cant feel my feet. Then i crawl into bed and slide them under my wife's legs.. I feel bad for those of you who dont have something warm in your bed at night.. She is sexy 2.. hmmmmmm

MerkinMax3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Note* Don't brag to everyone that you a wife here, no one cares. And I really bet she's sexy too bad she goes to bed while you '"game till you can't feel your feet". I predict a terrible or non existant sex life there.

morganfell3351d ago

Number 1 sign you are not a gamer? Putting out articles that talk about too much gaming.

timestoby3351d ago


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