Dante's Inferno: Boobs From Hell

NowGamer: New gamepage footage of the new Level 'Lust' From Dante's Inferno. Warning contains nudity.

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Raf1k13357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

For a level called 'Lust' it doesn't seem to have any babes you'd prefer not to kill. Maybe a chick who tags along for a while and turns out to be some demon mini-boss would be more appropriate.
Also, I hate that ink effect transition.

bunbun7773356d ago

and that is saying something cuz im a sucker for boobs

i don't know i guess its "artistic" but it just seems kinda gross.

what was up with that one demon girl and her extended appendage between her legs that got really big and than disapeared?! That was even more gross-- what next a cameo by lady gaga?


Erotic Sheep3356d ago

Ok wtf.. at first I see one of those female creatures expose her weewee (gross) and then near the end we have a huge female with minions releasing out of her boobs O.o

Honestly tho, I think this game is gonna be quite cool and with God of War 3, Dante's Inferno and Castlevania, I'd say 2010 is gonna be one fun year for hack and slash fans \o/