Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Released In Europe

Good news for Europeans, as today Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has been released on the Nintendo DS. It's been quite a long wait since the game was initially revealed, but thankfully localisation didn't take too long in comparison to the North American version.

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Kyll3350d ago

haha, I've had it for days xD

Selyah3350d ago

:P ah well at least we have it now :P

mephman3350d ago

I was going to make a really bad pun about the name of the game, but I don't think I will.

kingdavid3350d ago

@ mephman

Ive had it for 358 days

doa7663350d ago

this same guy said a couple of weeks ago that there won't be any more Gears this generation

Shioka3350d ago

I love this game,I like to play with Roxas more than playing with Sora .

the_bebop3349d ago

Yet it isn't out her in Australia it was supposed to be out on th 8th this month now it will be out on the 22nd.