GTA IV and Dead Space coming to 360 GoD this month

VG247: Microsoft said today that both GTA IV and Dead Space are to be added to 360's Games on Demand service this month, which is probably pretty awesome.

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Xbox Avatars Shoe3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Let's see if M$ over prices these like the other GoD. It's hilarious how for some of the GoD, they charge $10 more than what a used copy costs! Because, you know, taking up 6 gigs of hard drive space, waiting hours and hours for it to download, but buying from your couch is sooo worth an extra $10 :/

In the many hours it takes to diminish your hard drive space by 5-6 gigs, you could go to the store and get a used copy for $10 less. If you buy a GoD and get sick of it or don't like it, you can't return it or get store credit as you could a real life disc. GoD is only good for late-night impulse buys. At least they have good selection of quality games available.

cheapndirty3352d ago

Its about 'point of sale'. The games cost just as much as most retail places. MS said they had to be careful not to upset their 'retail partners' and had to price them like this.

One thing for sure. XBL is the only place where you can buy this many full size games online.

In a way, I would not mind buying all of my games on this, even at this price. If I had a household full of kids I would buy ALL of my games like this. No clutter, nothing to lose or break, just power on and play. In the end, I am too cheap to pay that much for any of these titles. I can find some of these new at 10.00 without tax or shipping. So I am impressed but will not buy. For now.

MSpence5163352d ago

I said this in the post about Dead Space dropping in price.

If they make it $20 bucks just like the price drop, then it is a definite download for me.