Garry: "Valve is not exploiting us" reports "Responding to comments made by Gearbox yesterday that Valve might be exploiting smaller developers and ignoring a massive conflict of interest presented by the Steam platform, Garry Newman has claimed that spinning Steam out into it's own company would change very little."

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solar3353d ago

if i was a small dev team, id to whatever i could to get my game into as many hands as i could. whether it be Steam, D2D, Impulse, whatever. i would try to make a name for myself. its the nature of the business.

ThanatosDMC3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Natural Selection guys love Steam. Nothing wrong with Steam.

They even added old games like Sacrifice and Zombie Shooter and a lot of casual games.

likedamaster3353d ago

All this from someone who's actually "been there". Good stuff. Take that Gearbox!

Elven63353d ago

ThanatosDMC: I never buy older games from Steam, especially if it exists on Good Old Games. I don't want to deal with running things in Dosbox, Scumm, etc. GOG takes care of that.

On topic: I wonder if this will force Valve to be more open about how much Steam makes, who takes a cut of X amount, etc since they've been largely private about it.

Pandamobile3353d ago

According to Garry, he gets 50% of the sales - which is probably a sh1t-ton higher than a normal publisher would allow.

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tdrules3353d ago

i like the point where its at now.
i fear if its market share increased too much then yes they will naturally exploit

JD_Shadow3353d ago

I would think that Gearbox should do it anyway to give Steam some competition (though I have a feeling someone will bring up Games For Windows as being a PC platform, as well. I don't consider that a platform in that sense). Competition is always good (as long as things are done fairly. I say that so I'm not caught in that "if you like competition, then why do you always dog on Microsoft" deal).

solar3352d ago

Gearbox should do what?