Could we be against Washington DC in Modern Warfare 2?

ConnectedConsoles: Early this week the new 'Infamy' trailer was released for Modern Warfare 2 which did bring a lot of us surprise when we could see Washington DC in a war zone. Since then many people have believed that the scenario will be the United States against the Russians. This may not be the scenario. In the latest GTTV Show, Geoff Keighley started asking questions. When he asked Infinity Ward CEO, Vince Zampella if we'll be defending or attacking the US, the reply was; "You'll have to play the game" Geoff Keighley then asked "You're not ruling that out?" in which he had a reply of shrugged shoulders.

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SeanScythe3351d ago

The US Army stands with the people to take back our country from the Government. Who created their own army made up of mercenaries. I would so play that.

JeffGUNZ3351d ago

I take that statement as you will either be attacking the white house, as trying to re-take it back in friendly control, or defending, meaning, preventing enemy combatants from taking control. I do not see IW going in the direction of attacking the government. It would ruin the story.

Dellis3351d ago

From the looks of it, Washington gets nuked in the game and then

you go in there.

PimpHandHappy3351d ago

i wouldn't want to fight the Marines! No thanks.... those dudes are badass
and thats just the tip of the spear! Imagine 150 M1 tanks rolling at ya! Yea thats not a game you could win

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