Tekken 6 goes Gold; online co-op & versus revealed

Console development on Namco Bandai's Tekken 6 is now complete.

After already being in Arcades for a year, the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament has gone gold on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Shipping on the 30th October, the game will see an arcade stick, limited editions, and in certain territories, a PS3 hardware bundle. The game's viral advertising campaign has already begun.

The game will also include a fully featured online mode with its crisp 60fps visuals.

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nix3357d ago

too many games to buy... darn!

nix3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

tell me about it... just picked up NGS2. U2 is next. then it's either FIFA10 or PES10. only few weeks back i picked up F1-Championship Edition, it's freaking awesome!

and not to mention GOW collection series coming in December. i must have missed out lots of other games but that's on purpose.. i just don't want to know about other games. lol. q:

EDIT: like i said... i'm just ignoring those games. after playing graphically awesome games like U2, i wonder if any 'ordinary' games will interest me. damn sony, you're spoiling me!

techie3357d ago

Brutal Legend too. MW2 next month

TooTall193357d ago

Borderlands for me. I didn't even know there was a Tekken 5. Tekken 4 was my first ps2 game

Pennywise3357d ago

Exactly... too packed. Some games just have to take a back seat and since Namco love to play the Summer's Eve poster boys, it will be their game not being bought.

EpicGamerSwordsman3357d ago

For only 150$ is one hell of a deal. FYI to those interested in buying Tekken w/Fight stick. Hori has a pretty good reputation in making fight sticks.

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techie3357d ago

Doesn't look that much better than Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection though.

boodybandit3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

It is the middle rung stick that goes for an average price of $70. You are being charged $20 more than it's worth if purchased separately. Pick up a Hori EX SE or SA depending on which system you are getting it for. The Hori EX SE has all Seimitsu parts and the SA has all Sanwa parts.

Or at the very least be prepared to mod your Hori stick once you get it. The stick and buttons in the Tekken stick are Hori made and no where near the quality of Sanwa or Seimitsu. You can pick up parts at Lizard Lick Amusement online. It's a piece of cake to mod your stick but it does void the warranty. All of my sticks are modded because my personal preference is Seimitsu sticks (circle restrict0r plate / gate) with Sanwa buttons.

I really want a Happs competition setup but I haven't had time to build one yet.

Wolfie3357d ago

Uncharted 2 + Tekken 6 (^^,)

Lou Ferrigno3357d ago

Woohoo but DAMNIT! lol

soooo many effing games this month..
ive allready grabbed ninja gaiden sigma 2 and Deamons souls so far.. gotta get Uncharted 2,boarderlands,tekken 6 and POSSIBLY Dj Hero..
oh and Ratchet and Clank ACIT.

its good to be gettin money for free ya know :)


oh my god.. not another game out the end of this month that i must buy ! looks at bank account, face palm.

I am in a bit of a mix about tekken.

Tekken has always been one of my best fighter games. I have always played it on the PS brand and I am use to playing it with the ps controllers which I think would be better.

On the other hand, most of my friends are on live and I kind of look forward to busting a few heads open on live. which do i get ? I also have an arcade stick for my 360 so that could be used instead of the 360 pad.

solidjun53357d ago

...and most of your friends are on live, then you go with that one. However, since you're getting Uncharted and some other games (my bank account will turn human on me and get mad at me) to pay for, your month of October, November and December is set! All around good time to be a gamer. ^_^

ceedubya93357d ago

If you prefer playing with your arcade stick, I'd say just get the 360 version since you already have lots of friends on Live.

If all that doesn't matter, just get the PS3 version. Either way, you're set.

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