TheGo: Demon's Souls Review

The aim is to reunite a kingdom torn apart by demons, and you need to collect their souls in order to fight them off (Clever!). The only thing holding you back is you dying repeatedly. Seriously! After a breif, five-to-ten minute tutorial, you get to fight an unstoppable boss who drills you in the face and kills you...

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saint_john_paul_ii3350d ago

8/10 because its too hard...P***sies....

hay3350d ago

Hahah, yeah. Can't wait to play it. After Ninja Gaiden being boring(played it without ninpos and any upgrades including health) I hope for some fun here.
About being too hard... Commandos was released yesterday on and of course I got it as I molested this game to death years ago.
Having the game crashing I hit on the forums to find some solution and found a topic of some person saying the game is too hard cause sight areas and patrols are to perfectly aligned to do anything.

Gotta love the new generation of gamers.

nix3350d ago

they only concentrate on "the game is hard"... whatever happened to "the game is rewarding.."

sikbeta3350d ago

-2 cuz haz no auto aim.... and where is my shotgun!

SRU96003350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I got the game yesterday, played it for 4 hours, and it is now sitting in my mailbox waiting to be returned to Gamefly.

I'm not returning it because it's too hard, I'm returning it because the one-hit kills (combined with the inability to save) are totally cheap and lame.

Seriously, losing an hour of progress because some douche (that I didn't even know was behind me) hit me with his sword is not my idea of fun. :/

Having said that, quite a few people seem to really like it, so more power to 'em.
I can't return it fast enough. lol

Acidicpack3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I picked it up 3 days ago and I must say that its very challenging. You will die many many times. But that is not a bad thing. Because win you do clear a lvl its the only game I have ever played that you will be filled with pride and satisfaction of having cleared out a zone of mobs Few games can give you that lvl of Joy!!!!!

On topic 8 out of 10 is way to low for this masterpiece but to each his own opinion.

Voozi3350d ago

Because the point of Demon's Souls is to die and learn from your mistakes giving you that rewarding expirience once you go back and conquer where you died. You're supposed to go to an area, expecting the unexpected, and when something goes wrong and you die, return to that area now knowing how to deal with it because the enemies all spawn in the same spot, and be able to go through with it with ease.

Plus you can go back to your blood stain and get back all your souls as long as you don't die again on your way back.

But ah well, no point explaining this casuals ;)

CadDad3350d ago

I've had my triumphs and my defeats and my defeats and my defeats. :D

<3 it though. I could and will spend a lot of time with this one. I think it's the game I've been waiting for my entire life, except that I didn't know I was waiting for it until I started to play it.


SRU96003350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Voozi, I play games to have fun, not to increase my "hardcore gamer" cred with people on N4G. ;)

Demon's Souls is not fun for me. If it is for you, cool.

PLAYstar3350d ago

Lol just what I thought, What a NOOB!

aaronisbla3350d ago

The game ain't all that hard, challenging yes, but if you are getting hit from behind, maybe you should, idk, what your back? or heed the messages written on the ground? its been plenty of times those messages came in handy.

Thats ok though, the game did one of the things its suppose to do, send the casuals back to play something else

Major_Tom3350d ago

The game pwned you, and you walked away. Don't make excuses.

SRU96003349d ago

I feel like I'm back in junior high with some of these replies. lol

Ok guys, I'm a total noob and you are all uber-hardcorzzz x 1,000!!!!!!!

It's just another game guys, there is no need to defend it to the death when someone doesn't like it.
Do you carry on like this when someone doesn't like the same movies and music as you?

aaronisbla3348d ago

you keep coming back in to defend yourself haha. We get it, you didn't like it cuz it beat you badly. Let it go, move on, no one cares

SRU96003346d ago

Wow, that was lame. :/

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Mezt_up3350d ago

Just warning people that it isn't a simple walk in the park. It is challenging, but thats a good thing! The game wasn't rated down because it was too hard. Although it CAN be frustrating at times.

Baba19063350d ago

i got i t today =D awesoooome.

Aquarius3350d ago

I reccomend watching this video:


sak5003350d ago

Is this the game sony lovers were hyping so much? looks like a 5 year old pc game.

Noob3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Say it looks like a 5 year old PC game, right? Is that how it works? Lol, what ever helps you sleep at night.

LOl @ 1:03 of that video.

nix3350d ago

it's ok... we've got two AAA games in a span of one week and all they have is Forza which has got no story, no nothing. just a polished version from last time. like the ODST.

after more than year of nothing great to play, it's obvious of them to crib. but they needn't worry, MS has Halo franchise planned out till 2015. lol.

Sarcasm3350d ago

"Is this the game sony lovers were hyping so much? looks like a 5 year old pc game. "


Oh wait. You're serious.


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