RACE On demo released

Viva Media and bitComposer have released a playable demo for their highly anticipated upcoming racing title RACE On, now available for download.

The dev claims "the mouthwatering demo is designed to give players a taste of the excitement and thrill of the most realistic racing simulation ever."

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LukaX233353d ago

Hmm, never heard of it... I'm considering it's PC only lol. I'm downloading it on my Mac anyway :P

SantistaUSA3353d ago

Well I just downloaded and played on my PC, and its ok! not all that IMO!

Raf1k13353d ago

GTR is apparently one of the best racing sims though I've never played it. I might try this out when i get home though It's tough to judge a racing sim (or any sim) without the proper peripheral i.e. racing wheel, joystick etc.

PimpHandHappy3353d ago

"The only racing sim coming out this gen"

well i guess not


dirthurts3353d ago

The graphics look good.
Having a blast with Shift right now.

dirthurts3353d ago

Tried it. Not bad.
Doesn't play as fun as shift, and the graphics are a little cartoony sort of.
But not bad.

xg-ei8ht3353d ago

Dirt, so the graphics are more like forza3, cartoony.


That's all folks!!!

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