Can Splinter Cell Match Uncharted 2 Quality For XBOX360

Uncharted 2 is another killer app under Sony's belt and when it comes down to competition this is definitley the game to beat but, there is a game out there that attempts to match the quality of this spectacular title and that's Splinter Cell: Conviction on the Xbox360.

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sonarus2817d ago

I can spot a hip hop gamer article from the title...BS

WildArmed2817d ago

lol I read the title i was like.. its gotta be HHG.
The title gives it away.. always gotta be a hot topic for the fanboys ya know?

TheHater2817d ago

I thought this site was banned. I haven't seen any article from this blog for a while, and I was happy that N4G is getting raid of these blogs just looking for hits. Here I was hoping for more quality articles on N4G, and now this blog is back.

Sarcasm2817d ago

Ah you guys should be used to it by now. And come on, it's not that bad.

HHG has improved over the last few months IMO

topdawg1222817d ago

He has improved a lot, people need to relax, so many people get butthurt when they see this dudes articles lol

On topic: No it can't

chaosatom2817d ago hiphop-nongamer-headlinemaking -person

Sub4Dis2817d ago

this is like asking if a pay increase at work is of the same quality as a BJ from a chic with no gag reflexes. Sure, both result in a raise, but they aren't at all related.

i, personally, will be buying both games.


" so many people get butthurt when they see this dudes articles lol "

it's not so much Butthurt, I think for most people it's more of a sickly, nauseous feeling.

Raf1k12817d ago

Visually? No.
Gameplay and re-playability? I won't be able to take a guess until I've played and experiences Uncharted 2 for myself.

Simon_Brezhnev2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

how delusional can you be he doesnt even know the story about uncharted 2 and think its only about treasure lol. i see why sony doesnt send him a review copy.

beardpapa2817d ago

Come on guys. Let's compare the two games when SCC has jungles, war-torn cities, and snowy mountains. Until then, just wanted to say the snowy level in UC2 is eye-pr0n. Those snow particle effects and how Drake interacts with the environmental snow are amazing.

mal_tez922817d ago

It can for PC easily, but it's a long shot for 360

morganfell2817d ago

^^^Uhm, ever hear of gameplay?

kalebgray922817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

really never.... maybe in like 3 years if they push the hardware ... and naughty dog develops for 360

NoBias2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

So obviously I'll take their word for it.

jmare2817d ago

What is "SS Conviction"? Don't you mean SC Conviction?

house2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

if the 360 fanboys say that ms can do it why haven't they done it?

they say the 360 can have just as fun games and look just as good?

then why game after game looks better than the 360s games and plays better?

on another note splinter cell and uncharted 2 are two different games compare it to mgs4 or something dont you think.

and i have no idea why people are saying it can be better when there two different games!!!

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bujasem_892817d ago

and chickens do fly EVERYDAY xD

chaosatom2817d ago

PP or whatever xbot is going to be totally drooling over this story.

2817d ago
TheXgamerLive2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

It basically even has picture in picture, telling you of current and past story events while your playing, you actually get to watch it, experience it while your damn game is playing. It's a huge first in gaming.

oh yeah, I hear HHG pee's in a pickle jar and carries it around with him...I'm just saying, lol.

MAiKU2816d ago

I saw pp coming down from the horizon, he saw us all sitting here waiting and smiling and he ran.

Deacon2816d ago

Actually, I think Metal Gear Solid 4 was the 1st game to have picture in picture this generation. Next time, have something to bag up what you're saying.

It starts at about 3:56 in to the video.

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Lord_Ranos2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

With noobish gameplay and being flopbox exclusive? I doubt it.

cmrbe2817d ago

Ubi can try but i doubt it very much.

walken72816d ago

Yo yo yo, no no no. Homey G skillet sucka fish!

unrealgamer582817d ago

can krillin live up to goku? lmao

and if you don't know then the answer is h3ll no!!! XD