TGR: Wolfenstein Video Game Review

B.J.'s World War II accolades include invading Hitler's castle, killing his dogs, eating his dogs' food, stealing countless valuable treasures and artifacts for personal gain, and eventually gunning down the Führer with all of his friends. Oh, and Mr. Blaskowitz also conquered Mecha-Hitler, but that was in self-defense.

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mr durand pierre3355d ago

No Hitler= no sale. Will play more Bionic Commando Rearmed.

Nick27283355d ago

Also, missile launchers on the Tirpitz; shame on you for toying with historical accuracy more then is necessary!

(It did look pretty cool, though.)

Darkseider3355d ago

Historical accuracy is of the utmost importance! I loved how they re-created the occult device that tears the flesh from people and the whateveryacallit blue stream gun that melts people on contact! I never thought they could represent those in the historically correct way that they did!

/end sarcasm

The game is meh anyway. $10 bargain bin pickup for sure.