PS3 Bayonetta Demo Emphasizes Sega Conversion

The demo makes it painfully obvious by ending with the words "Converted by Sega."

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PS3 slim3351d ago

I don't get it? is this suppose to be damage control? It's not that Sega did a piss poor job on the PS3 version I'm sure both teams worked together on some level.

I think the team that did the 360 version simply didn't hold back the 360 version to match the PS3 version as most devs do now, so that they can claim they have a handle on the PS3's hardware.

PS3 versions of games are always missing textures & objects, run like crap with lower resolution. This time the devs didn't have Sony breathing down their neck forcing the quality of the game so PS3 can run it while looking decent.

WildArmed3351d ago

Not all devs can be skilled like Naughty Dog.
So you can expect all devs to pull the same performance out of a platform.

I mean if your gonna sit here and tell me that Halo 3 has the best gfx on 360... right.. There is a reason why there was only one Einstein.

I'm not sure what the point of the article is..
Anywayz, the demo was amazing on the ps3. I dunt see any reason not to get it on the ps3.
Unless... you're a blind fanboy and need a reason to justify your purchase by claiming 'mutliplat superiority'.. which is sad in it self.

CernaML3351d ago

You can't be serious... These graphics are hardly any good. There is nothing holding anything back. Until I see a single 360 game look as good if not better than a PS3 exclusive such as Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2, then it's complete BS that the PS3 is holding back the 360. Ps3 ports aren't always sh!t compared to the 360 versions. Nearly all games are identical now. No, don't give me that Lens of Truth or Digital Foundry BS. When it takes complex technical equipment or still images to find the differences between the two versions then there is nothing superior about one or the other. The only major differences I can notice while playing a game is the screen tearing. The PS3 may have its share of screen tearing but so does the 360.

You already made yourself look like a complete fool by posting a link to a video of Bad Company 2 and claiming that the PS3 wasn't holding back the 360 this time. The first Bad Company game was identical on both systems. Why should this be any different?

Sega did a horrible job on this port. There is no denying that. Devil May Cry 4 looked and ran better on the PS3 than this.

ThatCanadianGuy3351d ago

Whats wrong "I did not murder him" Why dis, really duh, POG etc.

All those accounts finally banned? :)

ultimolu3351d ago

Kindly do us all a favor and shut the f*ck up.

Seriously, do it now.

While the demo did have some issues, it wasn't mind blowingly bad. I see that 360 fanboys would rather brag about multiplatform games than actually ask for new IPs!

talltony3351d ago

So the ps3 can run the same code as 360? The ps3 has dev kits just as good as 360's? The PS3 is not hard to develop for? The PS3 has the same architecture as 360? This game looks better than Uncharted 2 which only took 2 years to make?

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Whut3351d ago

I'm getting the xbox360 version anyways. I can't wait to play a Devil Mcry Type of game after so long.

WildArmed3351d ago

Man its been so long since i played such a fun game
DMC4 was a blast.

Dont get me wrong, Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2 were great games, but doesnt compare to DMC4 action :)
Bring on bayo!
(just for the record, will be picking up ps3 version ^^ )

UnSelf3351d ago

i just finish playing the demo last night. Now idk what this demo has done to me but it took me a full hr just to complete it.

In fact, this just may have been the greatest demo i have ever played.

This game is what DMC4 was supposed to be. in fact it is so good i am gettin the CE edition if one exist. I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER BOUGHT THE CE EDITION TO A GAME

I was so caught up in what was happening in the game i almost cried. This is the epitmoe of a Video Game, its pure action, sexy, over the top, and pretty.

This game right here has restored the gamer inside of me and i cannot effing wait til it drops. Sega, i am not worthy

WildArmed3351d ago

Well I'm glad people do appreciate it.
Coz its gonna be the best action game out this year :)
(Better luck next time assassin's creed D: )

GUNS N SWORDS3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

it's odd how the wheel of fate turns for both gamers.

you got loyal xbox fans who have always appealed to Ninja gaiden and it's way of style, and then you have loyal sony fans who have always appealed to DMC4 and it's fashion sense.

but the question is IS either one willing to give it all up to go back to what they had before this odd switch.

AKNAA3351d ago

when I heard that this was a port, but after seeing videos of the 360 & PS3 version in action, I barely saw any difference. As a matter of fact, they look almost identical when in action so I guess sega is doing a better Job than I expected porting it to the PS3.
Now I might re-consider buying it.

Rmagnus3351d ago

you need to try the demo out yourself to see how "good" of a job SEGA did

slave2Dcontroller3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

AKNAA. He's right. DL the demo from the JP PSN store and prepare to NOT buy the game again. SEGA really butchered it.

Pics cant show you that horrid frame rate and dont get me started on the textures.

SaiyanFury3351d ago

To be honest I only tried the demo from the Japanese PS Store. I don't care which version looks better. The PS3 version looked fine to me. Sh!t, the way she sways her hips as she walks won me over as a big fan of high heels. I played the demo through and I already prefer it over Devil May Cry. If 360 fans enjoy it, then great. I'll be getting the PS3 version simply because I like the controller better. Disagree all you like, but I've been a PS gamer since 1996. I know where my interests lie.

The_Denzel3351d ago

After playing the ps3 demo, it looks like it rushed.
I mean the CGI looked like FFVIII graphics, it was choppy when the camera turned. For a game that is supposed to be better than DMC4, I'm disappointed..but I may be jumping the gun. It's good cool combat, cool combos and cool bosses, but for a game that came a year of DMC4 I would expect more.

Daver3351d ago

I tried the demo on the Jp Store yesterday and it was well made and fun there was no problem with it

Redempteur3351d ago

did you try the demo , lol ?
Either you're joking or you don't know how to compare things

LONEWOLF2313351d ago


Same here man same here, i could care less which one looks better cause in the end they are the same freaking game! Besides ill be importing this game mainly cause the North American version doesnt come out till next year if i am not mistaken.

Blaster_Master3351d ago

I cant believe some of you guys are actually looking forward to this game? I mean cmon, I can name 20 games coming out next year that Bayonetta doesn't even hold a candle to.

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Godmars2903351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Do you even own a PS3?

If you have both, get the one you want, but there are just too many people saying which version they're getting to believe that they have both systems.

And I'm noting a lot of post in other stories are from the same people saying there's no difference between NG2 and NGS2. I mean the hypocrisy levels around here have gotten ridiculous.

WildArmed3351d ago

lol if NGS2 n NG2 are the same.

Then GeOW 1 n 2 are the same.

-.- lol N4G has the biggest clowns around :)

Bathyj3351d ago

I've got both consoles, and I'm getting neither version. Theres to many other good games about to hit to waste time/money on this.

WildArmed3351d ago

Well i dont plan on getting this on release date either.
Too many games coming out and not too much time to play.
For now Demons Souls is gonna keep me busy till I'm satisfied with it.
Then i'll move to uncharted.. then Rachet.. rawr too many games o-O Too little time.. stupid college

Marceles3351d ago

Yeah I'm Gamefly-ing it. I didn't notice the OMG WTF HORRIBLE AGHAHGAH framerates, but the gameplay was ok enough to at least give it a rent.

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inbetweener3351d ago

I have one system (PS3) and after seeing the hack job Sega did, I just won't be getting the game. Not going to support shoddy ports like this.

kingboy3351d ago

i co-sign what he said,not encouraging nor supporting this dilemma.

slave2Dcontroller3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

The frame rate looks crippled and those textures are piss poor and disgusting. I deleted that crap demo within 5 minutes of playing it.

Buying this will only encourage devs to pull this shoddy PS3 port crap on the regular. Did sega even try? LOL

Rmagnus3351d ago

get it second hand =) but if they fix it i will be more than happy to get it on day 1

LeonSKennedy4Life3351d ago

It's not the port.

Both versions look pretty bad.


ultimolu3351d ago

The graphics weren't anything to brag about but I liked the gameplay very much. I may get this at a discounted price sometime.

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