Touch Arcade Review: 'Titanic Rescue' – Save Gentlemen from a Sinking Ship

Touch Arcade:

Donuts Games' latest title, Titanic Rescue [App Store] was released tonight. Like their other games, Titanic Rescue is packed with pixel art, great music, and silly yet strangely charming gameplay.

The historically questionable premise of the game revolves around loading "gentlemen", as the game calls them, from the sinking Titanic in to the lifeboats below. These gentlemen eventually jump on their own, but a flicking motion on the screen also sends them flying skyward only to hopefully land in one of the boats or lifebuoys floating along side the ship. Sliding your finger along the bottom half of the screen controls the location of these life saving vessels, and for additional bonus points, gentlemen with matching suits can be loaded in sets of three in each life boat.

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