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"When in comes to racing games the Sony lovers have their Gran Turismo series and Microsoft fanboys have Forza Motorsport, both games very focused on offering a simulation-like experience to the player. The rivalry has been going back and forth for some years now with each game in the series producing better results than the last, and so it continues with the release of Forza Motorsport 3 for the Xbox 360. This is the second Forza title to be unveiled on Microsoft's next-gen console but the improvements over its predecessor are of epic proportions. Some of the largest complaints about Forza 2 were about the game's accessibility and how it really only appealed to the hardest of the hardcore racing gamers, number 3 is much better in every way. This time around developer Turn 10 has made all kinds of tweaks and additions to make sure that all experience-level players can have a good time with the game. Going into this review we were not sure exactly what to expect, 3 days and 50+ hours of gameplay later and one thing has been made crystal clear: Forza Motorsport 3 will compete with the big-dogs of the racing genre and is a simply stunning video game.

Whether you are a racing game guru or just looking to wet your feet in the genre make sure to pick up Forza 3 when it hits stores later this month, it's simply the best racing game ever created."

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Foxgod3351d ago

Yeah, but its not like they are the only reviewers that gave this game a 9.5

chaosatom3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

they seem to be consistent, but yeah they are going to be a bit biased.

Best racing game ever and 9.5 is off but so is every review that comes out.

Also, there is no point in comparing it with GT, since GT is not released and we don't know anything about.

WildArmed3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

'it's simply the best racing game ever created'
Solid Review.

But that title is for burnout Paradise... *drives away really really fast in his P88* RAWR.
Best.Racing.Game.Ever. :)

bekum_aka_jarhed3351d ago

sed planetxbox360 obvious xbox fanboys

LaurenKB1233351d ago

The sad thing is number #1 poster that Forza Motorsport 3 blows any other racing game away, especially anything a Sony fanboy such as yourself can throw at me - go play it and come back to try and bash it, currently it's one of the highest OVERALL rated (other than the 1-2 obvious sites who scored it low to get hits on fanboy sites) racing games on, sound like fanboyism to you?

3350d ago
KionicWarlord2223351d ago

Best Racing Game Every Created

Every ???

Foxgod3351d ago

Thats like ever, with something extra.
Cant describe how awesome this has to be..

KionicWarlord2223351d ago

Yeah i know .

Just was enjoying the few minutes being a grammar nazi .

Foxgod3351d ago

I know :P
I was joking :P:P:P

StrboyM3351d ago

they cant even lie

Knghtz3351d ago

Finally a PS3 fanboy. It was taking you guys a while to get here.

gta28003351d ago

They made an error. What they meant to say was "best racing game ever created for the 360" =)

Narutone663351d ago

Here have a bubble. I don't get why they have to compare a game from 360 to another game from PS3. They are just not the same. It's like comparing orange to apple, they are both fruits but they are still different. I just want to state what I stated on another thread. I long for the days when people in the gaming business respect each other.

Valkyrie833351d ago

No, what are you saying is on the PS3 or PS2 that even comes close to competing with it...Prologue - LMAO, GT5 - LOL, nice is the best racing game ever created!

Nice review!

ReservoirDog3163351d ago

Well, maybe it is the best racing game ever made... so far. And I don't see what the difference is between comparing one racing game to another. What system it plays on is irrelevant really. It's not quite so different as apples and oranges.

Oh and oranges are better.

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The story is too old to be commented.