First Day Sales in Japan

Famitsu has reported the first day sales figures for Japan. While the majority of the games reported disappointing figures, the latest Shin Megami Tensei title for the Nintendo DS did well.

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sinncross3086d ago

Besides Shin Megami, that is a pretty weak lineup...

MattyF3085d ago

Uncharted 2 numbers should be interesting to see.

SpoonyRedMage3086d ago

[NDS] Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai-3-Shuu (Level 5) - 560 (6%)

ouch. That's really low.

Perkel3085d ago

whiteknight chronicles : EX EDITION ???????

36T3085d ago

hummm.. who gives a fvck? Japan.. lol

PS360WII3085d ago

dang didn't know Strange Journey was already coming out!