Naughty Dog: "We were hoping for a [PS3] price cut forever"

Gamesthirst writes: Just like the millions of fans around the world waiting impatiently for a PS3 price cut, the Naughty Dog team were on that waiting list as well.

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Sunny_D3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

They deserve their games to sell. Bubble up if you're buying the game, disagree if you are not.

WildArmed3355d ago

And we dont deserve such a Godly game D:

UnDone143355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I agree.

I'm definitely getting the game. I bought Uncharted last week and beat it just to be ready for Uncharted 2!

Perfect graphics and gameplay.... video games have changed.

blitz06233355d ago

Wow I just love how Naughty Dog stayed committed in developing Uncharted 2 given the circumstances that the PS3 wasn't selling well when U2 was under development. They still worked on it and alas, got rewarded with a price cut. Now it's just 5 days before they get their actual reward from the fans. Kudos to ND for believing in Sony. Already preordered Uncharted 2 and enjoying its MP.

chaosatom3355d ago

but because they don't have a PS3 :P

ultimolu3355d ago

Day One.

That is all. u_u

RememberThe3573355d ago

But I can't get it day one :(

Sarcasm3355d ago

"Bubble up if you're buying the game, disagree if you are not."


Knghtz3355d ago

lol yeah that made me laugh too. Whatever it takes I guess, ha!

S M N3355d ago

i already bought uncharted 2

it such an amazing game and have gone through huge improvment over the first one

Xbox Avatars Shoe3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Anyways, all my friends have wanted a PS3 for so long but the price was too high for them. Now they all have a PS3 Slim and free PSN account :D

I'd like Sony to also make a permanent premium bundle similar to the 360 Elite, that would sell along side the $299 Slim. It would include a 250g HDD, an HDMI cable and the official Sony bluetooth mic, all for $399.

That would be an amazing bundle and an awesome deal for the hardcore gamers who want to have the full PS3 experience right from the start. I just found a 250g HDD online for $60, an HDMI cable for $11 and the mic is $50, so the consumer would actually be saving about $21 and they wouldn't have to go through the trouble of buying everything separate; they would be all set right out of the box. It would be good to have a package with everything included and they could market it a the ultimate PS3 experience while still saying "PS3, now $299" since the lower package would (still great) be $299. People always appreciate bundles that give you everything, even though it's more expensive up front. This would also give more users mics too, so the lack of mics wouldn't be as big of an issue on PSN.

A lot of hardcore gamers bought the 360 Elite bundle that was $100 more than the Pro, so I don't see why hardcore gamers wouldn't buy a similar version of the PS3.

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milked2themax3355d ago

don't deserve such a Godly game... well well, you guys are funny. Great game indeed.

milked2themax3355d ago

this game will sell like crazy

NegativeCreep4273355d ago

Naughty Dog certainly deserves it. ND is one of the only few development studios in the gaming industry that has a completely untarnished product history. Since 1996 ND has pushed the technical capabilities of every PlayStation and have made amazing quality games as well

ps3 haven3355d ago

PS3 and Uncharted 2 FTW!!!!

chrisulloa3355d ago

They were probably worried about their sales. I guess they made a smart move releasing it after the cut.

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