Jonathan Cullen, GOONL!NE: "I'm walking about all over this massive place.

Tired, lost, exhausted and didn't want to see no more of what I was seeing. It was made me angry seeing what I was seeing. It was not the ideal place to be in a massive place like this.

Then I seen two locals, they pointed me to the way to the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, so I could see MAG. What? Did you think I was referring to a battleground in the game and giving you a moral speech on war? Not me I'm afraid.

Once there, I see a bit of the game thanks to other people playing the game, set up from eight demo pods. But after about five minutes of watching other people playing the game, Sony told me and other journalists to take our seats to see Zipper's Creative Director Ed Byrne give a PowerPoint on the game. He started off by showing us the history of Zipper before moving onto MAG itself."

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NegativeCreepWA3353d ago

No preview needed this game awesome. Get off your a$$ and go get a beta code from game stop because they got them this week.
While its not as refined as COD it handles allot like Battle Field. While playing this I really feet like I'm taking part in a huge battle that has a purpose.

WildArmed3353d ago

Yeah, played the 256 Domination today.
Simply mind blowing, I had a tendency to go for a high kill streak while 4geting about the irrelevant objectives in COD4. MAG really keeps the action coming to you so you can keep doing your objectives and stay in action.

Loving the beta! Too bad Demon Souls is gonna make MAG beta goto waste for the next couple of weeks, then after that Uncharted 2 =/ then Assassin's creed.. then... basically no more beta for me till launch date xD

Ravage273353d ago

Was going to play 1 or 2 hrs, but ended up being VERY late for work...

Damn is this $#&T fun! There are people saying there's no point having so many players, well f#$% them, you have to play it to sense the EPIC scale. Nothing beats parachuting down as a group, looking down at the battlefield as the APCs and infantry below fight it out. It really feels like a WAR.

jjohan353353d ago

For those of you who are playing MAG beta, are the controls something of a concern? Is it true that you have to press 2 buttons before you throw the grenade?

1233603353d ago

L3 is for run,R3 is for melee on my set up so whats he on about,i doubt here,s got the beta the fool,r2 is switching between weapons and l2 is switching between grenades,medkits,repair kits its really simple unless your a complete fool