Top Ten Most Downloaded PSN Games in September

The top ten most downloaded Playstation Network games of September.

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sirbigam3232d ago

Lol FF7 will always be in the top 10.

chaosatom3232d ago

I would have bought FF7, but I already played and obsessed over it.

I played a little bit of FF7 again couple months back on PS1, but it's too much of a time commitment to even begin.

calis3232d ago

I wish Australia got some of those PSN games. We don't have Metal Gear or Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

JonnyBigBoss3232d ago

Go Final Fantasy Tactics!

NegativeCreep4273232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Square Enix needs to stop dragging their corporate feet, listen to the gamers that made them the industry-leading gaming corporation they are today, and re-release Vagrant Story already!!!!!!!!!!

Edit @ D*ck Head below:

Don't be stupid and don't be a tool.

chrisulloa3232d ago

Or make some good quality PSN games to compete with XBLA?

Lord_Ranos3232d ago

Dude Warhawk itself can beat all the crap that is on BotLIVE.

chrisulloa3232d ago

Well, Shadow Complex did get a higher score. Not saying it's a bad game, PSN just needs more games imo.

ReservoirDog3163232d ago

Yup, I bought Silent Hill too just a week ago.

I really have to finish it before Uncharted 2 comes out.

Myst3232d ago

When might I get Heart of Darkness (PSX)? or Final Fantasy VIII.

Though for now I should grab Tactics..

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