Forza Motorsport 3 Gametrailers Review's video review of Forza Motorsport 3.

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PS3 slim3356d ago

I've noticed where ever you can vote as members on game sites PS3 fanboys lower the user scores.

Anyways great score.

Whut3356d ago

I noticed that. I left a comment on that video. I said that the ps3 fanboys are rapping the Rating and I got 21Thumbs ups!

PS3 slim3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

The meta score here on N4G is off because PS3 fanboys went hunting for reviews not part of metacritic but were added to the the score system on N4G. The meta score itself is not updated even now, it's missing 3 or 4 high scoring reviews.

This game also would have scored higher if it were not for Geoff Keighley no doubt crying in the background in some capacity, dude is hardcore Playstation fan. I sometimes wonder how such a hardcore fanboy has a gamers job.

PROFIT3356d ago

the game is garbage.

where is everything that turn10 promised? it seems they were too busy rigging polls and spouting feces to actually give a damn about polishing the visuals, fixing the physics and making this a next gen game instead of just a very minor improvement.

I can see why the reviewers are giving this game 9's. Its actually pretty simple to understand. Just keep in mind that the 360 has only had like 2 exclusive games this year. That ALONE really hurts its fanbase and the fanboys who review the seriously now, DIRT 2 on the 360 is a much better experience than this game from turn 10.

but of course that doesnt matter. Not when ms and turn 10 give out freebies for high review scores.

To all the fanboys who worship BOUGHT reviews and scores, i pity you. Pity you not because you are fools who are being robbed(haloodst), but i pity you because you really have no other games.....or ANY next gen games for that matter. Enjoy the rigged polls and bought review scores. At the end of the day you still just bought a piece of turd(halo odst and forza).

ambientFLIER3356d ago

Err, the visuals are polished over Forza 2, and the physics are much better, and are supposedly as real to life as possible.

So wtf are you smoking?

PROFIT3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

i guess youre still stuck on yardweed(x360)

Err, the visuals are SLIGHTLY polished over Forza 2(which was garbage), and the physics are much better(which were garbage), and are supposedly as real to life as possible(on the 360)."

so yeah, your game fails.

dirt 2 on ps3 and pc destroys forza 3.

forza=definitive? lol

Tr10wn3356d ago

uhh that's so true DiRT on "PS3" destroy forza 3 so i guess to your opinion DiRT 2 on "360" just vanish forza 3 because it looks way better on the 360? because DiRT 2 looks better on the 360 but yea i remember is still old gen PS3 is the only gen that can deliver that.

PopEmUp3356d ago

old gen run blue-ray and new gen run dvd? Oh wait what years is it now?

PimpHandHappy3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

i have seen you post b4 i know were you stand...but

it works both ways... go 2 IGN and look up user reviews of Uncharted 2

Do yourself a sold
look at both sides of the coin b4 you speak...

on topic: Its nice you 360 gamers have finally got a few games of your own to play.... i mean EVERYONE brings out games in the holiday season, well maybe not the Wii... but still


EDIT ADD ON: For those ppl talking about metric please get a life. You know its a good game! JUST FARGIN PLAY IT! Stop playing reviews and sales

randomwiz3355d ago

yep, you never see 360 fanboys doing that /sarcasm

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SnuggleBandit3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

wow 9.3 and a 9.2 kinda odd if you ask me

same with ign, 9.5 and 9.4

Lifendz3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

the community aspects seem really cool. If I had a 360 I would defintely pick it up. Only complaint I have is that the game doesn't look as visually impressive as I think it should considering the 360s been out so long. Graphics aren't everything, but when I look at GT5 I almost can't believe that games have come that far.

Again, I doubt GT5 will have all the community and customization aspects of Forza 3, but maybe Polyphony will prove me wrong. Anyway, it looks like a great game. Rewind button can't be turned off? That needs to be fixed.

Oh, and I guess 360 owners can't get on PS3 for having installs. I guess Arcade owners are out in the cold on this one unless they get an HDD or don't mind switching disks.

INehalemEXI3356d ago

I would also pick it up if I still had a 360.

Blaze9293356d ago

Theres nothing "odd" about ANYTHING. You're just trying to stir something up well its a known fact you could care less about this game or any Xbox 360 game for that matter. Why do you even try?

Anyway great score, definitely picking this game up.

u got owned3356d ago

This game seem to be what turn 10 promise, an awesome game. Its getting great reviews across the board. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

SnuggleBandit3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

No i do care about 360 games. I want a 360 but sadly can't afford one along with LIVE, and wifi so there is no point. And i am biased a bit towards this game mostly because of the way the devs have acted. They could have just been humble, presented their product and let the game speak for itself. Instead they turned to bashing the competition and spewing lies. Same goes for valve, IMO newell is a turd however great his games may be. Also, it seemed like the big sites were scared to give Uncharted 2 a ten. They nitpicked anything they could find to drop .5+ of a point off. But they couldn't score this game higher or something?? Do you know what i mean?

menoyou3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

The game has a lot of cool features, especially the community ones. But the graphics and gameplay look so cheap, I'm surprised they keep rating this series so highly.

Any other game would have gotten ripped for these things, we've seen it before. Why is it that all these reviewers don't seem to criticize Microsoft games like Forza, Halo, etc?

Rock Bottom3356d ago

A team which has no problem bribing fans in an open forum to get some votes in front of every body, will probably have no problem bribing a review site behind closed doors. :)

3356d ago
dreamcast3356d ago

Great score.. can't wait to see how GT5 stacks up review-wise. I'm sure people will criticize it more since it's been around longer or something.

TheBlackSmoke3356d ago

Another good score. Seems like the general consensus is that it is a solid game with a lot to offer.

This may be a great game however its no way the "definitive driving sim" turn10 bragged about, clearly you can see the graphics while very good don't hold up to gt5:P let alone gt5 also the "real life physics" as gametrailers even pointed out leave a lot to be desired. Yes those things don't necessarily ruin the game but when you claim definitive, there's a certain pedigree required in all aspects.

PS3 fanboys need to lay off this one, its a great game and does not deserve to be labeled as trash.

360 fanboys need to be happy they have a great game like this but dont it get twisted this was a good review not a rave review, gt5 has yet to come so stfu about it until its here. Most importantly...enjoy your game.

SuperM3356d ago

I think Gametrailers didnt dear to give this a higher score then UC2 or they would have a sh1tstorm coming their way. If only they'd scored Uncharted a little higher they would have had some more headroom :P

Maddens Raiders3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I just had to stop the video once it got the "rewind" coverage. I just can't believe it, plus this really hurts my eyes. Seriously, though you can't turn off the rewind? That is an epic fail.

I can say though that I love Forza's idea of building a custom car and selling it to the community for money/credits and prestige. That appeals to me; what doesn't appeal to me is aforementioned, lack of cars and the dated looking graphics.

MNicholas3356d ago

It's not fair to compare Forza 3's visuals to NFS: Shift since NFS: Shift runs at 30fps.

At 30fps, because it's rendering half as many frames per second, it has twice as much rendering time per frame compared with a 60fps game like Forza 3, so of course it's going to look a lot better.

It makes more sense to compare Forza 3 with other 60fps games.

randomwiz3355d ago

1. No one was comparing Shift and Forza 3

2. 60fps is(in most cases) smoother and would be better than 30fps, otherwise, if forza 3 looked better in 30fps, wouldn't the devs do that? So if a game is in 60fps, you can be sure its similar or better in graphical quality to a 30fps version.

thesummerofgeorge3355d ago

That 360 games just get better scores than PS3 games, and it's not because they deserve it. Uncharted 2 gets nitpicked and everyone goes to great lengths to find reasons to deduct points, but games like Forza 3, they are willing to let much bigger issues go. It's so blatantly obvious that the PS3 is a better system with better games, and I'm no fanboy, I just like the quality of one product over another, but the 360 gets judged under a different microscope apparently, it's frustrating.

MNicholas3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )


<<1. No one was comparing Shift and Forza 3>>

Many reviewers noted that Shift looked better. Let's not beat around the bush. It does. The thing is, it's not a fair comparison. Turn10 worked very hard to get the 360 to run the game at 60fps and, in doing so, of course compromises had to be made.

<<2. 60fps is(in most cases) smoother and would be better than 30fps, otherwise, if forza 3 looked better in 30fps, wouldn't the devs do that? So if a game is in 60fps, you can be sure its similar or better in graphical quality to a 30fps version. >>

You have it backwards. 60fps provides smoother motion tracking and quicker visual feedback (which are important for a sim) but but it comes at the cost of rendering quality. To help you understand I'll use published Xbox360 specifications.

Peak Shader Performance: 96 billion Shader Operations per second

If frame-rate=30 frames per second (locked)
Peak shader performance per frame:
96B per sec / 30 frames per sec = 3.2B/frame

If frame-rate=60 frames per second (locked)
Peak shader performance per frame:
96B per sec / 60 frames per sec = 1.6B/frame

As you can see, for each frame rendered, choosing 30fps provides precisely double the available shader performance.

randomwiz3355d ago


what I mean to say is... sure some reviewers are comparing it to Shift, but no one in here is right now... and also, "looks better" is a qualitative statement, which has many factors that go into it. Smoothness should be a part of "looks better", and in a game like this, smoothness is one of the most important things you want.

MNicholas3355d ago

about the qualitative aspects of the visuals are great if we want to talk about ourselves and get to know each other better but meaningless if we're trying to discuss the game as a software product and it's technical merits.

What isn't subjective and, hence, is not open to interpretation are things like polygon detail, shaders, lighting and shadows, etc...

From that standpoint, as explained in my previous comment, a developer choosing 60fps over 30fps is always choosing lower image quality in exchange for higher frame-rate.

From that stand-point, Shift really does look better.

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Sunny_D3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Why is the score keep going down? ;)

We'll see when the rest of the reviews come in. ah ah ah

PS3 slim3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

You mean from the 10/10 it just got?

Metacritic has it at 93% without the newest 9/10, 9.2/10, 10/10 reviews added lol. The game would have probably scored higher from most reviewers if it were not for the crybaby ass PS3 fanboys crying because of DAN Greenwalt.


" butthurt that even massive pro-xbox sites don't give it perfect scores"

^^^Because they don't cheat the system like Pro Sony media? This is part of the reason PS3 exclusives flop in sales because word of mouth is stronger than media hype.

"you seriously want to show this is as TEH BESTZ RAC1NG GAM3Z EVAR!"


Gave the game perfect scores.

I guess you'll have to get your ignorant ass off this site and read the reviews and see how people feel about the "best game ever" which most actually agree that it is, atleast in the genre ironically.


-x.Red.x-3356d ago

just one 10/10?

you seriously want to show this is as TEH BESTZ RAC1NG GAM3Z EVAR!
with just one?
or butthurt that even massive pro-xbox sites don't give it perfect scores?

Sunny_D3356d ago

Lol, He hasn't see all the perfect review scores for uncharted 2. Not just , or 3, but more than a dozen perfect reviews.

DMason3356d ago

They're two completely different genres retard. The reviews are extremely high for a racing game.

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Whut3356d ago

9.2/10 Great score and well deserved.

Seems like Turn 10 as Delivered as Promessed.

N4G Meta is flawed the real Meta Score is 93%

Sunny_D3356d ago

Seems like Turn 10 hasn't Delivered as Promised.*

chaosatom3356d ago

haha, not even xbox or sony fans can agree with this one.

3356d ago
SRU96003356d ago

Well, at least they delivered something, unlike another developer that shall go unnamed... ;)

Sarcasm3356d ago

"Well, at least they delivered something, unlike another developer that shall go unnamed... ;) "

haha yeah...

It's not so far away anymore though.

SRU96003356d ago

"It's not so far away anymore though. "

MNicholas3356d ago

in everything from graphics to physics to content.

Now it's patently clear that the videos and pictures posted by Turn10 were all fake.

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